Start up guide

Single-hand guns

9 mm pistol

  • Primary fire: Single shot
  • Secondary fire: Rapid fire
  • Ammo: 9×19mm Parabellum

The 9 mm pistol is the most accurate when firing single shots. Rapid fire is faster, but also very inaccurate only useful for very close enemies.

.357 magnum

  • Primary fire: Single shot
  • Secondary fire: Toggle mini zoom scope on/off
  • Ammo: .357 Magnum

The magnum provides 6 very powerful shots with decent accuracy, but suffers slow rate of fire, high recoil, slow reloading times.


  • Primary fire: Automatic fire
  • Secondary fire: Toggle between single/akimbo uzi
  • Ammo: 9×19mm Parabellum

The uzi is a very fast submachine gun with a 32 round clip that does a lot of damage very quickly, however your ammo is used up very fast.

Doubled up you get twice the fire power, but twice the reload time.

  • Akimbo uzis can only be acquired by special akimbo uzi items, or picking up someone elses uzi.
  • The gold uzis shown are only available to donors, and do considerably more damage than the standard grey ones. Donors can choose to use the grey ones, but still with the power level of the gold uzis.
Desert eagle

  • Primary fire: Single shot
  • Secondary fire: Toggle laser pointer on/off
  • Ammo: .357 Magnum

The desert eagle is a powerful pistol, but rather inaccurate in single fire mode.

You can increase the accuracy considerably by enabling the barrel-mounted laser pointer at the cost of a slower fire rate.

The rate of fire and accuracy is better than the .357 magnum and offers 7 shots, however less powerful.


These mechanical foes often aid the human military class and are immune to common weaknesses humans have such as poison and Barnacles, but not Gargantuas. Bullets often have much less effect.

Sentry turret

  • Class: Machine
  • Threat: Low
  • Weapons: Machine gun
  • Special abilities: Self-destruct
  • Role: Defense
  • Sentry turrets stay active once they have been triggered, but are weak. A couple of hand grenades will remove them.
  • Sentry turrets self-destruct upon death.
Small mounted turret

  • Class: Machine
  • Threat: Medium
  • Weapons: Machine gun
  • Special abilities: None
  • Role: Defense
  • Mounted turrets will switch off and retreat to their enclosure after not seeing a target for a minute. Use this time to run past them.
  • The mini mounted turret can deploy and turn very fast to face targets, but its machine gun isn’t very strong.
Large mounted turret

  • Class: Machine
  • Threat: High
  • Weapons: Minigun
  • Special abilities: None
  • Role: Defense
  • Mounted turrets will switch off and retreat to their enclosure after not seeing a target for a minute. Use this time to run past them.
  • The large mounted turret has a very powerful minigun, but is slow to deploy and turn towards targets.
Robot grunt

  • Class: Machine
  • Threat: High
  • Weapons: MP5; M16; M16 with grenade launcher; Shotgun; Hand grenades; Kicking
  • Special abilities: Self-destruct
  • Role: Attack
  • When a robot grunt gets heavily damaged it will begin to malfunction and give off random shocks, being nearby is dangerous.
  • Robot grunts have an armoured shell that makes them partially immune to bullets. Explosives have a reasonable effect on them, but they have a particular weakness to electrical and fire damage.
  • Robot grunts self-destruct upon death.
Apache helicopter

  • Class: Human military
  • Threat: Very high
  • Weapons: Shell cannon; twin hellfire missiles
  • Special abilities: None
  • Role: Support
  • The Apache is only vulnerable to bullets at its cockpit and rotor engines. Using an RPG is the best way to take it down.
  • The Apache will crash when destroyed creating a large explosion, so stay well clear.
Osprey helicopter

  • Class: Machine
  • Threat: Very high
  • Weapons: None
  • Special abilities: Delivers four grunts (any type) or male assassins
  • Role: Support
  • The osprey is only vulnerable at its two large rotor engines either side. Using an RPG or SAW is the best way to take it down.
  • The osprey has to hover close to the ground to deliver grunts or male assassins. This is a good opportunity to damage it.
  • The osprey will crash when destroyed creating a large explosion, so stay well clear.
  • Anyone repelling from the Osprey while crashing will be killed.

Starting a server: Graphical

To start a server with a graphical interface simply launch the Sven Co-op Dedicated Server tool in your Steam tools library (for Steam tool installations) or launch the SvenDS.exe executable (for standalone application installations). You will be presented with a small form asking for some options.

  • Game: This will always be Sven Co-op, unless you’re running a mod on our engine.
  • Server Name: This is the name of your server as shown in the game server list and on the score board in game.
  • Map: Choose a map to run immediately with your server. Osprey is a good choice if you want to get players in quickly, or Stadium4 for a gathering place for a group of friends.
  • Network: Internet means your server will be available to anyone with a valid Steam subscription, and players authenticate with their Steam ID number. LAN means your server will be available only to your local network, and players authenticate with their IP address.
  • Max. players: The maximum number of players that can be on your server at a time (2-32). Most maps become overcrowded with more than 12 players.
  • UDP port: The network port number for your server to listen on. If unsure leave as default (27015).
  • RCON password: The password used to remotely access the command console for your server. You should not tell anyone this password as it allows them to control your game server. It must be at least 3 characters consisting of only alpha-numeric characters. If you don’t want to use this feature, just do a keyboard mash to input any random string.
  • Secure (Valve Anti-Cheat): Players will be scanned for game cheat applications as they join your server. Players caught and blacklisted by Valve’s Anti-Cheat system will not be allowed to play on your server. You should leave this enabled in most situations.

Once you’re ready click Start Server, it will take a moment to begin. All of these options will be remembered for the next time you start a server.

You will then (hopefully) be presented with a larger form depicting a tabbed management interface for your game server.

  • The Main tab tells you a bit about your server (which game, how many players are on, how long it’s been running) along with changing some basic settings:
    • Server Name, Network, and RCON Password As in the launch options form.
    • Map: Immediately change to a new map from a list.
    • Player Password: Allows you to set (or unset) a password required for players to join your server (making your server private).
    • Map Cycle: A graphical tool to build a map cycle to run on your server.
  • The Configure tab allows you to change a broader set of options. Not all of these will be saved after you start a new server.
  • The Statistics tab shows you a graph about how well your server is performing such as CPU load, frame rate (tick rate), and network data.
  • The Players tab shows you a list of players currently connected, some information about them, and the ability to kick/ban players.
  • The Bans tab shows you a list of currently banned players and IP addresses, editing the bans list, and importing/exporting the list to a file for backup.
  • The Console tab shows you a simple textual representation what is happening on your server, along with the ability to submit commands to your server. You will need to look at this output if you need to find out why something has gone wrong. Avoid entering any commands you aren’t sure of what they will do, particularly those given to you by other people you don’t fully trust.

There is really little more I can tell you about running a server in graphical mode. You can close it down any time you like, then any players connected will be returned to the main menu with a message that the server is shutting down.

The music

Thanks to the new FMod sound library from Firelight Technologies more than just MP3 files can be played using the in-game music player.

Use the included play list editor tool «playlist.exe» to easily create a list of music files or import a play list to use in the in-game player.

In case you’re having trouble running this tool, all you should need is Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. This is available free of charge for all Windows users:

  • via the Windows Update website for Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 users.
  • via the Windows Update tool (Start » All Programs) for Windows Vista, 2008, 7, 2008 R2, 8, and 8.1 users.
  • via the Programs and Features control panel for Windows 10 users.

Heavy duty weapons

M40a1 sniper rifle

  • Primary fire: Single shot
  • Secondary fire: Toggle zoom scope on/off
  • Ammo: 7.62×51mm NATO

A powerful manual weapon with a slow rate of fire, the M40a1 is a standard sniper rifle.

In Sven Co-op the M40a1 does more damage than in Opposing Force, but is very inaccurate when not zoomed in.

M249 SAW

  • Primary fire: Automatic fire
  • Secondary fire: None
  • Ammo: 5.56×45mm NATO

The M249 SAW (squad automatic weapon) is a powerful yet portable machine gun with a high firing rate and damage. It can be used to provide supporting fire for team mates. It has a belt of 200 5.56 mm rounds, but suffers high reload time.

XM214 microgun

  • Primary fire: Spin with automatic fire
  • Secondary fire: Spin barrels
  • Ammo: 5.56×45mm NATO

The most powerful weapon available to players, the microgun is capable of easily cutting through hordes of monsters with a fast stream of rounds. The microgun can be spun-up/kept spinning by holding using the secondary fire button. Pressing the fire button in this mode will make the microgun fire straight away without the spin-up delay.

While holding the microgun players are a lot slower, unable to jump, and unable to change weapons. You must drop the microgun to be able to select another weapon (set a key to drop weapon in the control options, or bind any key to drop — usually G).

The microgun offers a continuous belt of 5.56 mm rounds without the need to reload.

  • Players must pick up a microgun by using one on the ground rather than simply walking over one.
  • The microgun cannot be fired while the player is on a ladder.
  • When a heavy weapons grunt is killed, his microgun is dropped and is available for a player to pick up.
  • Accuracy is dramatically improved by crouching while firing.
  • While using the microgun a lone player is extremely vulnerable. The microgun must be used as a support weapon, with other players defending the microgunner and/or distracting enemies until the microgun can be spun up.

Starting a server: Console

This option is only available to the standalone application. You will need to open a command prompt or terminal environment on your system then change the working directory to your Sven Co-op dedicated server installtion (usually C:\SvenDS).

Next you need to build a command to launch your server. The following list of arguments and parameters will determine how your server starts. Be sure to split them up with a space. Pay attention to those beginning with a hyphen (arguments) and those beginning with a plus (parameter), as they will not work with the wrong symbol. Sections highlighted before the colon are the parts you type, and underlined sections are parts you change.

  • SvenDS: The name of the application, does not need to have «.exe» on the end.
  • -console: Required, or your server will start in .
  • -game modname: Only needed if you are running a mod on our engine, otherwise ignore this.
  • +ip ipaddress: Only needed if your computer has more than one IP address assigned to it, and you need to specify which address to listen on.
  • -port 27015: Chooses the network port to listen on, usually 27015 unless you’re running more than one server on the same IP address.
  • +maxplayers 12: The maximum number of players that can be on your server at one time (2-32). It will be 12 if you do not specify this.
  • +map _server_start: Specify which map to launch the server on. If you do not specify this your server will remain stuck in an un-connectible state!
  • +log on: Start a log file for the server console (recommended).

Here is a simple example to start an 8-player server on map stadium4 listening on port 27015 with logging enabled:

SvenDS -console -port 27015 +maxplayers 8 +map stadium4 +log on

Weapon & Item models

HD weapon peeweesSuit batteryLongjump module Models by Benoit «Der Graue Fuchs» Hanikenne
9mm handgun Model/animation by Shannon CaldwellSkin by Josh «Flewda» Powers
Barnacle grappleC4 satchel & radioCrossbow Skins by H4wk
Crowbar Model by Kristian «Toadie» MillerSkin by Pete
Desert eagle Model/Animation by Kristian «Toadie» MillerSkin by Abyss25
Egon GunHand grenadeHivehand Skins by H4wk
M16A2 Model/Animation by Shannon CaldwellSkin by Teddy «TeddyBear» Bergsman Lind
M249 SAW Model/Animation by Kristian «Toadie» MillerSkin by H4wk
M40A1 sniper rifle Model/skin/animation by Kristian «Toadie» Miller
Minigun Model/skin/animation by James «Osidio» O’Donnell
Medkit Model/skin by Norman Roger
MP5 Model/animation/scope skin by Kristian «Toadie» MillerMain skin by H4wk
Pipe Wrench Skin by Dr Strangelove
RPG Skin by H4wk
Shotgun Model/skin by Peter «Pete» ConneelyAnimation by Kristian «Toadie» Miller
Snarks Model/skin by Sproily
Tripmine Skin by H4wk
Uzis Model/skin/animation by Kristian «Toadie» Miller
Alterations Peter «WAR_Nuker» KavanaughBenoit «Der Graue Fuchs» HanikenneBenjamin «Mr. Mazur» F.

The allies

Not all computer controlled monsters are out to kill you — some monsters will work with you against hostile monsters. To identify these allies, use the in game Friend or Foe system.

Simply point your cross hairs at a monster then information will show up in the bottom-left corner of your screen. If the monster is going to attack you the information will show up red. If it is green the monster is an ally and will help you. Real players will show up in blue. The Friend or Foe system also provides useful information about a monster or player’s health and name.

Certain maps may have disabled this feature. Typically this is enabled, though a map author can control this feature for their map.

  • For a full list of allies in Sven Co-op check the allies listing
  • Friendly monsters can follow you just as Barney can, and even be given some simple orders. This is also explained on the allies listing

Setting up Sven Co-op

Here is how to install Sven Co-op:

  1. Install Steam and register an account if you haven’t already.
  2. Launch Steam and log in.
  3. Visit the Sven Co-op store page so you can activate Sven Co-op on your Steam account.
  4. In the main Steam screen click Library.
  5. Scroll down the list of available games until you see Sven Co-op.
  6. Double-click the package to install it.
  7. Follow the on-screen installation.

Once completed Sven Co-op will appear in your Steam library. Simply double-click it to start.

Before playing you should set your game options. To do simply select Options from the title screen, then go through the tabs until you’re happy. Be sure to check out what the controls are.

Once you’re ready click Find servers to find a game server to play on.

The monsters

Stopping you from achieving your objectives are the computer controlled monsters (AI enemies). These appear in greater numbers than players and are a lot smarter than they were the original Half-Life, with new tactics and abilities. In most cases, monsters are hostile and should be killed as soon as possible. Occasionally however, you will meet friendly (player allied) monsters, who can follow you and attack your enemies (more on that later).

Sometimes these monsters may be similar to generic Half-Life monsters, but in other cases they may be stronger, faster or have new attacks. When playing a new map, you can never be certain of what you might find yourself up against.

  • For a full list of enemies in Sven Co-op check the enemies listing
  • Sven Co-op features monster replacement technology, allowing level designers to add unique monsters to their maps (i.e. Axis soldiers in AfrikaKorps and sharks in Incoming)

Monsters & Weapons

Sven Co-op includes several new monsters and weapons. Most of these come from the Half-Life Expansion Half-Life: Opposing Force, but have all been coded from scratch.

The new monsters included in the game are: The Pit Drone, Shock Trooper, Shockroach, Barney and Soldier Zombie, Baby and normal Voltigore, Gonome, Male Assassin including the Osprey, Otis, Cleansuit Scientist and the new Grunts, all from Half-Life: Opposing Force.

Sven Co-op also includes three other monsters, namely the Baby Gargantua, the Robo Grunt and the Heavy Weapons Grunt. The last two were originally supposed to be included in Half-Life, but were cut.

The new weapons included are the Barnacle, Pipewrench and M40a1 Sniper Rifle, from Half-Life: Opposing Force.

Sven Co-op also includes some original weapons, namely a Medkit, Single and Akimbo Uzis and a Minigun. There is also a small secret weapon included.

Installing your map to play it

Your map at the very least will consist of a BSP file, but may also come with a range of configuration and resource files depending on the level of customisation you’ve taken with your map. Once your map is compiled and ready to be played for testing, you will need to copy various files to your game folder.

Do not copy any unofficial resources directly into the svencoop folder. To help keep your game files clean, use the svencoop_addons folder. The game engine is perfectly capable of loading maps and their contents from this location.

This diagram shows how your map content should be laid out in your game.

Sven Co-op сервера

11 +1

Adambean’s server: Public #1


12 -2

Adambean’s server: Public #2


13 +1

GeckoN’s Public Sven Co-op Server


14 +6

GeckoN’s Survival Sven Co-op Server


15 +1

CIT Sven Co-op |


16 +2

Adam‘s SC test server (Win32): Internal


17 +4

Pinkie Pie’s Testing Ground


18 -3

Adambean’s server: Release Candidate


19 -6

SB’s Server — HLife | OpFor | BShift | Easy/Med Survival Maps


20 +3

GeckoN’s They Hunger 24/7 SC Server


21 -2

Void Resonance Sven Coop



Half-Life from Fortnite


23 -6

Adam‘s SC test server (Win32): Pre-Release



Sven Co-op for your quarantine — fastDL



The Zebra Hut



Sven Co-op Russia RUST maps 24/7


27 Sven Co-Op USA-NYC-1


28 UK | Sven Co-op



Another Sven Co-op 5.0 Server





31 Vanilla SvenCoop 5.25








34 +4

Sven Co-op Russia



Sven Co-op Russia PVE


36 -2

Havoc Hangout #1 | Classics + Customs | FastDL



Sven Co-op Russia PVP


38 -2

Half-Life by Vietnam 1968


39 Dekking zoeken



Havoc Hangout #2 | Classics + Customs | FastDL




Nobody knows where these lifeforms come from, though they are an exciting addition to conflicting battles. Most of which feature electrical and poison attacks.

Shock roach

  • Class: Alien prey
  • Threat: Low
  • Weapons: None
  • Special abilities: None
  • Role: Ambush
  • The shock roach has a very limited lifespan as soon as its host (the shock trooper) dies.
  • You can pick up a live shock roach and use it as a weapon for a short while.
Pit drone

  • Class: Race X (pit drone)
  • Threat: Medium
  • Weapons: Spikes; swipe
  • Special abilities: None
  • Role: Attack
  • Pit drones can run nearly as fast as players, however they are quite weak. A close shotgun blast will take care of them.
  • When a player gets killed by a pit drone it will devour their dead body to regain all its health, but only if no other threats are around.
Shock trooper

  • Class: Race X (shock)
  • Threat: High
  • Weapons: Electric bolts; acid spore
  • Special abilities: None
  • Role: Attack
  • The acid spore will explode instantly if it hits prey, however takes a couple of seconds if it’s on the floor.
  • Acid spores do incredible damage and poison their targets. Hide behind something to avoid it.
  • When a shock trooper dies it will drop the shock roach it was holding.
Baby voltigore

  • Class: Race X (shock)
  • Threat: Low
  • Weapons: Swipe
  • Special abilities: None
  • Role: Attack

When there are babies, the mother is usually around. Don’t get too distracted.


  • Class: Race X (shock)
  • Threat: High
  • Weapons: Lightning; swipe
  • Special abilities: Can self-destruct in an acid shower
  • Role: Attack

The voltigore will self-destruct when it dies into a big acid shower, which will poison anyone caught within.



  • Class: Human passive
  • Weapons: None
  • Special abilities: Can heal and revive other allies
  • Role: Healing players, creating catastrophes
  • Scientists are often required to unlock a specialist area for your team to proceed. Ensure you keep them alive.
  • Scientists are all medically trained. If you use a scientist and your health is low, he will heal you.

  • Class: Player ally
  • Weapons: 9mm pistol
  • Special abilities: None
  • Role: Defense

Security guards are often required to unlock an area for your team to proceed. Ensure you keep them alive.


  • Class: Player ally
  • Weapons: Desert eagle
  • Special abilities: None
  • Role: Defense

Security guards are often required to unlock an area for your team to proceed. Ensure you keep them alive.


  • Class: Player ally
  • Weapons: MP5; M16 with grenade launcher; Shotgun; SAW; RPG; Hand grenades; Kicking
  • Special abilities: Can call for a medic grunt for healing
  • Role: Attack
  • Grunts have various weapon load-outs and will work in squads effectively.
  • Grunts can be very helpful in dangerous combat. Get them to follow you and help you fight.
Medic grunt

  • Class: Player ally
  • Weapons: 9mm pistol; Desert eagle
  • Special abilities: Can call for a medic grunt for healing, can heal and revive other grunts
  • Role: Support
  • The role of the Medic is to keep the squad alive. Ensure that you also keep him alive with your medkit.
  • Medics will attack near by enemies, but will immediately run to an ally calling for medical attention. Medication supply is unlimited.
Torch grunt (aka Engineer)

  • Class: Player ally
  • Weapons: Desert eagle
  • Special abilities: Can call for a medic grunt for healing, can open doors with a blowtorch
  • Role: Support
  • Torch grunts will attack near by enemies, but will immediately perform their objectives when close to them. Try to keep them away from combat.
  • Use the npc_return command (or bind it to a key) to force a torch grunt to stop fighting and following you to return to your position. This is useful when you need him to complete an objective.
  • The Torch Grunt carries a canister of pressurized gas, which is highly flammable. If hit by an enemy, it can severely impact your squad.
Heavy weapons grunt

  • Class: Player ally
  • Weapons: Microgun
  • Special abilities: Can call for a medic grunt for healing
  • Role: Attack
  • The heavy weapons grunt is incredibly powerful. Get them to follow you and help you fight.
  • The heavy weapons grunt will drop his microgun upon death, which can be picked up and used by players.


Once you have got your server up and running and you want players to connect to it over the Internet it is likely that your server will be behind a firewall, a router with a firewall, or a router using network address translation (NAT). This is likely to mean you will require some additional configuration of one or more of these in order to make your server world visible.

The most likely scenario particularly for game servers at residential properties is a router using network address translation. This is where one public IP address is assigned to a NAT router at home, of which is then shared between one or more computers/devices using a private address network. The easiest way to determine if this is the case for you is to do the following:

  1. Open a command prompt or terminal environment on your system.
  2. Submit command: ipconfig (on Windows) or ifconfig (on Linux).
  3. Take note of the numbers to the right of the IPv4 Address row.

Ignore any network device that shows one of these address ranges, because they are not connected to the Internet anyway:

  • .0-255.0-255.1-254.
  • 127.0-255.0-255.1-254.
  • 169.254.0-255.1-254.

Check if your IPv4 address is within the following ranges:

  • 10.0-255.0-255.1-254.
  • 172.16-31.0-255.1-254.
  • 192.168.0-255.1-254.

If this is the case you are definitely behind a router using NAT. You will need to configure port forwarding on your router in order to make your game server world visible. Because there are literally thousands of different home router models worldwide we are not going to guide you on how to do this. Instead visit to find a set of instructions specific to your router. You will also need administrative permission on your router in order to make this adjustment, so if it isn’t yours ask for permission first.

Our server application only uses the following transport ports. You can amend these using the corresponding command line parameter.

Port Protocol Parameter Description
27015 UDP -port Game & content transfers traffic
27015 TCP -port Remote console (RCON) traffic
26900 UDP -sport Valve anti-cheat (VAC) service traffic (auto-increments from default if taken to the next available port)

Configuration files

The following only need to be changed when running multiple servers off a single installation of Sven Co-op (aka configuration profiling) where sharing of configuration files is not desired.

Setting Default value Description
servercfgfile server.cfg Location of the server configuration file (for dedicated servers only). This will also need to be declared in your command line parameter as +servercfgfile server.cfg to be used when your server starts.
lservercfgfile listenserver.cfg Location of the server configuration file (for listen servers only). This will also need to be declared in your user configuration file (userconfig.cfg) for it to take effect when your game starts.
mapchangecfgfile Empty Location of a configuration file to be executed on each map change. Not often required.
mapvotecfgfile mapvote.cfg Location of the file containing a list of maps available for voting. Exceeding 200 maps may prevent players joining due to «reliable channel overflowed»!
skillcfgfile skill.cfg Location of the skill configuration file.
bannedcfgfile banned.cfg Location of the banned Steam ID list file.
listipcfgfile listip.cfg Location of the banned IP address list file.
mapcyclefile mapcycle.txt Location of the map cycle file.
motdfile motd.txt Location of the welcome message file (aka message of the day) to display when players join.
adminsfile admins.txt Location of the server administrators list file.
logsdir logs Folder used to store server logs in.
plugin_list_file default_plugins.txt Location of the file containing the list of AngelScript plugins to load.

Biological weapons

Spore launcher

  • Primary fire: Short shot
  • Secondary fire: Long shot
  • Ammo: Spores

A creature from that fires spores from its mouth also thrown by shock troopers. The spore creates a large acid splash on explosion.

The spores will bounce for a distance, then stop. They explode on player/NPC contact or after 4 seconds of being fired.

This artillery support weapon is best used in open spaces to avoid hurting yourself.

  • Spores can be picked up from a small plant that creates them, but be aware that the plants don’t like harsh treatment.
  • The acid splash creates a large amount of damage. Be sure to stay clear of spores when they explode.
  • Bouncing spores could bounce right back and explode in your face.
Shock rifle

  • Primary fire: Electric burst
  • Secondary fire: Triple lightning bolt
  • Ammo: Electricity (non-replenishable)

A shock roach from found in the hands of shock troopers can be picked up and used by players once it leaves its dying host.

Due to the fast self-destructing nature of shock roaches, you must drop yours to be able to select another weapon (set a key to drop weapon in the control options, or bind any key to drop — usually G).

  • Players must pick up a shock rifle by using one on the ground rather than simply walking over one.
  • Players can charge up another player’s HEV battery with the lightning bolt.
  • The shock roach will begin to explode when it’s low on charge. Throw it away when you notice it exploding or you will get hurt.

Other credits

Menu background Created by Joanna «LemonSoda» LempiainenHuman models by RomkaTouched up by Josh «JPolito» Polito and Adam «Adambean» Reece
Menu music Pavel «Pavel_Perepelitsa» Perepelitsa
Cyborg MP3 music Steve «Blevo» Blevin
HLLibHLExtract Ryan «Nemesis» Gregg
FMOD sound system Firelight Technologies
Model bug fixes Peter «WAR_Nuker» KavanaughBenjamin «Mr. Mazur» F.Josh «JPolito» Polito
Game manualScore board iconsPlaylist editor tool Adam «Adambean» Reece
Map compiler tools Sean ‘Zoner’ Cavanaugh»Vluzacn»Martin «Silencer» M.Adam «Adambean» ReeceAdam «Amckern» McKern


Your team mates in Sven Co-op (other players attempting the same mission) will commonly look similar to the figure on the right, though there are many character models to choose from. All players have exactly the same abilities as you, and can fight just as hard.

It is essential that you co-operate with your team mates, as most Sven Co-op levels are a lot harder than the original Half-Life missions with stronger enemies and more combat. You may also need to work with your team mates to solve puzzles or to activate certain buttons.

Communication with others helps ensure success, so before you play check your key setting for the Chat Message command (default Y) — better yet, if you have a microphone handy, use the control options menu to set a key for Use Voice Communication and hold the key in game to talk to team mates. Remember to use voice communication in respect of other players hearing!

  • You cannot hurt or kill your team mates. Consider any attempt to do so as a waste of ammunition.
  • Some maps require a player to be boosted up to a higher ledge. This is where one player will crouch down by the higher platform allowing another player to jump on top to reach the higher area. It helps if players are kind and offer to boost others when required.
  • To help with boosting, some maps enable a new feature called auto climbing. This is done by jumping against a wall of a higher area, and depending on the height of the area, you can boost yourself up on top of it.

Some players will have icons beside them on the score board. This denotes players who are donors or members of the Sven Co-op team as follows:

  • Donor ($5+) with electric crowbar extra.
  • Donor ($8+) with electric crowbar and gold Uzi extras.
  • Donor ($20+) with electric crowbar and gold Uzi extras.
  • Game contributor / internal tester.
  • Game artist (maps, models, sounds, etc)
  • Game developer / co-ordinator.

On the far right of the score board you may find players with the server administrator icon , which means this person helps run and maintain the game server you’re playing on. They are your first point of contact if you are having any trouble while playing on their game server. This icon may be tinted gold to signify that the person owns the game server.

Cheat commands

The cheat commands built-in to Sven Co-op can only be used under certain conditions:

  • If the server is for Internet players, it cannot have a maximum capacity of more than 3 players — LAN servers do not have this restriction.
  • If CVAR «sv_cheats» is 1 anybody can use cheat commands.
  • If CVAR «sv_cheats» is 2 only can use cheats, and will not be subject to the server capacity restriction.
  • If CVAR «sv_cheats» is 255 anybody can use engine diagnostic settings (such as gl_wireframe) even in a multi-player game.

If a cheat command is attempted and these conditions are not met the player is told why, and the server will log this event (or print it in the console if logging is disabled).

Cheat commands are useful for private testing sessions, particularly for map authors as they provide some useful controls and limited debugging capabilities. If this is for you we advise you check the provided file «map_test.cfg» as this contains a range of command aliases and bindings to help you do this.

Here is a list of cheat commands currently available:

Command Parameters Description
Basic modes
godmode = disable1 = enable Enable or disable god mode.You will be immune to all damage against your health, but not HEV battery. A map entity can still forcibly kill you, and the kill command will still function as normal.
cl_noclip = disable1 = enable Enable or disable no-clipping mode.You will be flying instead of walking, and can move through solid matter like a ghost. You will not be non-solid yourself though, meaning NPC’s can still touch/damage you, and you will still interact with brush based triggers.
cl_notarget = disable1 = enable Enable or disable non-targetable mode.You will be completely invisible to all NPC’s, though they can still hear you (they will try to find you), and can damage you by accident.
cl_nonsolid = disable1 = enable Enable or disable non-solid mode.You will become non-solid like a ghost, thus players, NPC’s, and brushes can pass through you without touching/damaging you. If something moves inside you and stays there however, you will be unable to move away as that other object is still solid. You will also not take damage from solid type objects (bullets/blades/etc), but particle type damage (explosions/fire/freeze) will still hurt you.
Equipment & status
give Weapon/ammo/item name Give yourself some equipment (weapons, ammo, and items).Names should reflect the entity name of the equipment, for example weapon_shotgun, ammo_rpg, or item_longjump. You cannot use this to obtain item_inventory based items, use the trigger command instead.You can technically give yourself any entity (such as a monster), but be warned the effects can be anything from humorous to catastrophic.
giveallimpulse 101 N/A Give yourself every weapon in the game with some ammo for it. The minigun and shock rifle are omitted due to their exclusive usage constraint.
givepoints Number Give yourself score/points. You can use a negative value to deduct points.
reviveme N/A Revive yourself if you’ve been killed. You will be revived with half health.
healme N/A Fully restores your health.
chargeme N/A Fully charges your HEV suit battery.
Map testing/debugging
teleport Co-ordinates as X Y Z Teleport yourself to specific co-ordinates.
trigger Map entity name Trigger an entity in the map by its target name.This is best avoided for all but map authors, or those with good knowledge of the map in question. You as an entity will be passed to that entity as its activating and calling entity.
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