Side quests[]

These are miscellaneous quests which are not vital to the main storyline.

Quest Given by Start location Notes
A Mother’s Plea Aufra Gilded Vale – Aufra’s Home
The Smith’s Shipment Tuatanu Gilded Vale – Black Hammer Smithery
Buried Secrets Wirtan Gilded Vale – Temple of Eothas
Lord of a Barren Land Kolsc Gilded Vale orEsternwood Requires good reputation with Gilded Vale to trigger there or you can start it in Esternwood.
The Master Below Steward Caed Nua – Great Hall Requires completion of The Old Watcher.
A Return to Court Palace messenger Caed Nua’s claim quest arc
The Battle of Yenwood Field Marshal Forwyn
The Master’s Tools Tcharek Endless Paths of Od Nua – Level 12
A Voice from the Past Dalton Copperlane
His Old Self Kaenra Copperlane – The Goose and Fox
Cinders of Faith Fyrga First Fires – Ducal Palace
Rise and Fall Heritage Hill Cut content
The Wailing Banshee Niah Ondra’s Gift
Supply and Demand Maea Ondra’s Gift – The Salty Mast
At All Costs Verzano Ondra’s Gift – Vailian Trading Company
The Theorems of Pandgram Nedyn Brackenbury
Far from Home Thristwn Brackenbury – The Charred Barrel
The Final Act Kurren Brackenbury – Hadret House No longer available after completing Act 2.
A Farmer’s Plight Rumbald Dyrford Village
Blood Legacy Lord Harond Dyrford Village – Dracogen Inn
The Champion of Berath Frightened villager Hearthsong – The Celestial Sapling Requires completion of Lord of a Barren Land.
At the Mercy of the Tribes Cwineth
Hunter, Brother Rîdaî Hearthsong – The Passage of the Six
Sacrificial Bloodlines Simoc Elms’ Reach – Hall of Warriors
Into the White Void Rymrgand Elms’ Reach – Teir Evron
A Servant of Death Berath
The Nest Above the Clouds Hylea orCasfath and Onŵen Elms’ Reach – Teir Evron orOldsong Can be received either from Hylea directly or from Casfath and Onŵen in Oldsong.
The Old Queen and the New King Galawain orDesthwn Elms’ Reach – Teir Evron orOldsong – Galawain’s Maw Can be received either from Galawain directly or from Desthwn.
Prison of Ice Larha Oldsong – Galawain’s Maw


Name Contents Location Max Spelllevel
Starting Grimoire of Aloth. 1
Grimoire used by Bog Cult Apprentice in Mowrghek Îen.
Grimoire used by Arcanist Badrwn in Mowrghek Îen. 6
Grimoire used by Azrael Stonebelly, Giantslayers, The Dozens
Grimoire used by Aedyran Battlemage at Yenwood Field during quest The Battle of Yenwood Field.
Grimoire found in Crägholdt’s tall bookshelves, scripted interaction (semi-random). 6
Can be looted from Cutthroat Mage attacking Caed Nua. 3
Can be looted from Mercenary Mage in Northweald. 5
Can be looted in the Western tower of Durgan’s Battery. 7
Grimoire used by Elvara Zylthain located at Aedelwan Bridge during the task The Forgotten. 4
Grimoire used by Doemenel Wizard accompanying Danna in Ondra’s Gift (Vailian Trading Company) or Copperlane (Goose and Fox) during the At All Costs quest. 3
Grimoire used by the Hooded Woman (Wizard) near Nyfre during the task Cat and Mouse. 3
Grimoire used by Falanroed in Black Meadow as part of The Master Below quest. 6
Grimoire used by Eothasian Warmage during Bounty: Thorfen. 5
Noonfrost, Oldsong 6
Starting Grimoire for every created wizard. 1
Grimoire used by a Dozens wizard in Anslög’s Compass, during Winds of Steel. 3
Can be acquired during Bounty: High Arcanist Ysly.Used by a Mercenary Warmage in Crägholdt Bluffs. 6
Copperlane Catacombs, Temple of Woedica. Can be looted from a Leaden Key Agent (Wizard) during an invasion at Caed Nua. 3
Grimoire used by Harkeen Willthorm located at Aedelwan Bridge during the task The Forgotten. 4
Grimoire used by Helig, located at Catacombs in Copperlane. 3
Grimoire used by Iben in Woodend Plains during the task The Parable of Wael. 2
Grimoire used by Elfya during the task Nest Egg. 3
Grimoire used by Leaden Key Wizard at Od Nua Level 1 after obtaining the tablet or from Leaden Key Wizard at the beginning of Act 3 near Stormwall Gorge in the previously flooded lower level. 4
Grimoire used by Brigand Mage at Whitestone Hollow. 6
Grimoire used by Ludrana in Magran’s Fork. 2
Grimoire used by Maerwald, located in The Endless Paths of Od Nua, beneath Caed Nua during The Old Watcher quest. 3
Dropped by a Byrnwigar’s Wizard during an attack on Caed Nua. 2
Located in the Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 15, beneath Caed Nua; may be found on completion of The Master Below quest in Sefyra’s treasure horde. 6
Grimoire used by Nedyn in Woodend Plains after turning her in to Grimda. 3
Grimoire used by Assassins (Wizard) in Defiance Bay and Shrouded Men/Women Wizards in the Temple of Woedica. 3
Grimoire used by Nyrid, located at Purnisc’s House in Copperlane. 3
Grimoire used by Osrya located at Raedric’s Hold Dungeons. 3
Noonfrost, Oldsong 4
Grimoire used by Pelden in Crägholdt. 7
Grimoire looted off of Rinatto after the quest Hard Bargain, should you side against him and you kill him during his ambush against you. 4
Grimoire used by Sabel in Crägholdt. 6
Grimoire used by Norwaech Sapper during Bounty: Songsmith Roska in Clîaban Rilag 5
Grimoire used by Ondra’s Spellweaver in Stalwart’s Temple of Ondra and Mercenary Wizard with Urthal. 6
Can be acquired during Bounty: High Arcanist Ysly from Telaneir Sorcerers. 6
Grimoire used by Spellwrights located in Raedric’s Hold and by the Wizard in the Ruined House at Magran’s Fork during Lord of a Barren Land. 2
Grimoire used by Surica, located at Thieves’ Hideout in Copperlane. 3
Grimoire found on a table beside Krivi on level 12 of the Endless Paths of Od Nua. 6
Used by Iron Flail Warlock at Iron Flail Fort. 5
Grimoire used by Thug located with Bragan in Ondra’s Gift during the task Brave Derrin. 3
Used by Outlaw Wizard at Magran’s Fork during the task Bounty: Sly Cyrdel.Used by a Slaked Skull Wizard at Durgan’s Battery during the task Bounty: Meztla. Used by members of the Old Dunryd Hunting Lodge in Russetwood during Bounty: Laenric.Used by Outlaw Wizard at Durgan’s Battery during Risk Tolerance. 5
Sky Dragon Hoard in Temple of Hylea 6
Grimoire found on a bookshelf in Noonfrost — Study. 6

Unique Grimoires

These Grimoires contain spells which cannot be obtained from any other source, including level ups.

Name Contents Location Max Spelllevel
The Abbey of the Fallen Moon: By the main entrance, locked chest.Also dropped by various Ondrite Spellseers and Fanatic Wizards.
Grimoire used by Archmage Llengrath located at Mowrghek Îen during the quest The Phylactery’s Promise
Grimoire stolen from Archmage Ninagauth, found in a hidden stash near Galvino’s workshop which appears after finding a treasure map in Russetwood 7
Grimoire used by Archmage Concelhaut located at Crägholdt during the quest Siege of Crägholdt

Как пройти Pillars of Eternity видео

  • 2851

    Прохождение Pillars of Eternity — Часть 1: Друид-олень — Начало

  • 963

    Прохождение Pillars of Eternity — Часть 2: Нападение гланфатанцев

  • 1674

    Прохождение Pillars of Eternity — Часть 3: Руины Силант Лиис

  • 974

    Прохождение Pillars of Eternity — Часть 4: Позолоченная долина

  • 1164

    Прохождение Pillars of Eternity — Часть 5: Брунхильда-боец

  • 1872

    Прохождение Pillars of Eternity — Часть 6: Эстернвуд

  • 1077

    Прохождение Pillars of Eternity — Часть 7: Маграново распутье

  • 1311

    Прохождение Pillars of Eternity — Часть 8: Черный луг

  • 886

    Прохождение Pillars of Eternity — Часть 9: Заброшенный храм — 1 этаж


► Тип схватки/боя — Исключительно дистанционные.

► Основные характеристики — Интеллект и Сила.

► Вторичные характеристики — Ловкость.

► Основная особенность — «Магия на любой вкус и цвет».


Этот класс может сеять хаос и разрушение на поле битвы, но вот может умереть даже от обычной простуды, поэтому очень важно следить за балансом своей группы. Это мы говорим о балансе атакующих и так же защитных заклинаний

Кроме этого, каждый играющий может запутаться в процессе колдовства. Первое, что следует запомнить, играя Волшебником: прежде чем применить заклинание, его необходимо выучить; далее выученное заклинание необходимо переместить в специальную волшебную книжку — это может быть гримуар;  теперь колдуйте!

Если вы мучаете своего Волшебника и не даёте ему отдыхать, тогда учтите то, что он будет иметь ограниченное (сильно) количество применяемых заклинаний, но вот более «продвинутые» маги умеют восстанавливать некоторые заклинания сразу же после схватки. Помимо этого, вместительность волшебного гримуара так же будет ограничена (по четыре заклинания каждого уровня), поэтому не взирая то, что волшебный гримуар является многоразовым и заклинания каждый раз можно менять, лучше всё-таки иметь несколько таких книжек. Стоит помнить, что Волшебник не для новичков, так как для его управления вам потребуются определённые навыки.


Pillars of Eternity takes the central hero, memorable companions and the epic exploration of Baldur’s Gate, add in the fun, intense combat and dungeon diving of Icewind Dale, and tie it all together with the emotional writing and mature thematic exploration of Planescape: Torment.

The world map is dotted with unique locations and wilderness ripe for exploration and questing. You’ll create your own character and collect companions along the way – taking him or her not just through this story, but, with your continued support, through future adventures. You will engage in dialogues that are deep, and offer many choices to determine the fate of you and your party. And you’ll experience a story that explores mature themes and presents you with complex, difficult choices to shape how your story plays out. The keys to success in combat is positioning your party and coordinating attacks and abilities.

The game uses a tactical «real-time with pause» system and a slow combat toggle that can be used with or in lieu of the pause feature. The camera has a fixed axonometric (high angle like isometric) perspective with zoom. The environments are 2D backgrounds combined with 3D characters and visual effects.

Resting locations[]


You can build your own camp sites using your Camp Supplies. Each time the party rests in the middle of nowhere, they consume 1 unit of Camping Supplies. Based on your difficulty settings, the party can carry a maximum number of Camp Supplies (currently ranging from 6 to 2). The supplies are a single item type and can be purchased from vendors (also rarely can be found in the world). The supplies represent a party count, like wealth, and are represented by a number in the inventory and on the rest button in the main UI.


Resting at inns (including your stronghold once you acquire it) can grant additional bonuses. Based on the room you select at the inn, you will gain temporary bonuses that generally correlate to the expense of the room. I.e., more expensive rooms grant larger or more bonuses.

  • These bonuses last for a specific number of non-bonus rests (camping, inn rest in a room without a bonus).
  • Only a single resting bonus can be active at a time, so you can’t just chain-sleep for a collection of bonuses.
  • If you dismiss a party member, however briefly, their resting bonus disappears.

If you sleep at your stronghold, you select from the bonuses you’ve unlocked from your upgrades. These tend to be less varied than those found at inns and you have to pay for the upgrades upfront, but after that it’s effectively a free bonus of one specific type that lasts for a number of rests. Other inns can give resting bonuses that you can’t get with resting at your stronghold.

Resting Bonuses
Location Inn Room Resting bonus Lasts for Cost Notes
Caed Nua Brighthollow Training Grounds 3 rests 0 cp requires Training Grounds upgrade
Library 3 rests 0 cp requires Library upgrade
Forum 3 rests 0 cp requires Forum upgrade
Hedge Maze 3 rests 0 cp requires Hedge Maze upgrade
Craft Hall 3 rests 0 cp requires Craft Hall upgrade
Tower 3 rests 0 cp requires Tower upgrade
Woodland Trails
  • + 3 Constitution
  • + 2 Athletics
3 rests 0 cp requires Woodland Trails upgrade
Warden’s Lodge 3 rests 0 cp requires Warden’s Lodge upgrade
Artificer’s Hall 3 rests 0 cp requires Artificer’s hall upgrade
Chapel 3 rests 0 cp requires Chapel upgrade
Gilded Vale The Black Hound The Common Room 0 cp
Dyrwood’s Pride 2 rests 150 cp 113 cp if Late for Dinner has been completed
Laborers Rest
  • + 1 Perception
  • + 1 Mechanics
2 rests 110 cp 83 cp if Late for Dinner has been completed
Defiance Bay — Copperlane Goose and Fox The Common Room 25 cp
Merchant’s Stay
  • + 1 Perception
  • + 1 Resolve
2 rests 120 cp
Fletcher’s Stay
  • + 1 Athletics
  • + 1 Mechanics
  • + 5 Ranged Accuracy
2 rests 140 cp
Suite of Worldly Wonders
  • + 2 Lore
  • + 1 Intellect
2 rests 150 cp
Vixen’s Burrow
  • + 2 Dexterity
  • + 1 Survival
  • + 10 Defense while Disengaging
2 rests 160 cp
Defiance Bay — Brackenbury The Charred Barrel Criminal’s Getaway
  • + 2 Perception
  • + 1 Stealth
2 rests 150 cp
Noble’s Stay
  • + 2 Intellect
  • + 10 Will
2 rests 170 cp
Defiance Bay — Ondra’s Gift Salty Mast The Common Room 25 cp free if Supply and Demand has been completed
Shiny Pearl
  • +1 Constitution
  • +2 Athletics
2 rests 140 cp free if Supply and Demand has been completed
Broad Beam
  • +1 Dexterity
  • +1 Perception
2 rests 180 cp
Dyrford Village Dracogen Inn Stables 30 cp
Wurm’s Nest
  • + 2 Dexterity
  • + 6 Damage Reduction (Burn)
2 rests 120 cp
Drake’s Den
  • + 1 Might
  • + 2 Constitution
  • + 10% damage against beasts
2 rests 150 cp
Dragon’s Lair
  • + 2 Might
  • + 2 Constitution
  • + 2 Intellect
1 rest 200 cp
Twin Elms — Hearthsong The Celestial Sapling Celestial Suite
  • +2 Might
  • +2 Constitution
  • +2 Resolve
1 rest 200 cp
Wanderer’s Reprieve
  • +1 Resolve
  • +1 Survival
2 rests 140 cp
Stalwart Village The Gréf’s Rest Copper Minnow
  • +2 Might
  • +2 Dexterity
1 rest 50 cp MIG bonus only included if The Ogre Matron is completed with Matron Beregan dead
Silver Catfish
  • +2 Might
  • +2 Constitution
  • +2 Dexterity
1 rest 100 cp CON bonus only included if The Ogre Matron is completed with Matron Beregan dead
Golden Whale
  • +2 Might
  • +2 Constitution
  • +2 Dexterity
  • +2 Resolve
1 rest 150 cp RES bonus only included if The Ogre Matron is completed with Matron Beregan dead


Hunt a god. Save your soul.
~ From the crowdfunding campaign wallpaper
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details about Pillars of Eternity, part I follow.
Eothas has returned. The god of light and rebirth was thought dead, but he now inhabits the stone titan that sat buried under your keep, Caed Nua, for millennia. Ripping his way out of the ground, he destroyed your stronghold and left you at the brink of death. To save your soul, you must track down the wayward god and demand answers — answers which could throw mortals and the gods themselves into chaos.

Your hunt takes you to the Deadfire Archipelago. Located even farther east than the colonies of the Eastern Reach, Deadfire comprises hundreds of islands spanning thousands of miles — ranging from lush tropics to barren deserts. Many of these lands have never been charted, while others are inhabited by rich native cultures and a new wave of colonial settlers.

Hunt a god. Save your soul.

Significant plot details about Pillars of Eternity, part I end here.


Pillars of Eternity

  • Skaen is unseen for most of the game, but his cultists are, especially at Dyrford. He appears near the end game, interceding on Woedica’s behalf and suggesting empowering her.
  • Effigy’s Resentment — The Watcher can sacrifice a companion to the blood pool to gain a talent. This carries over to Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

  • Skaen appears as part of the council of gods trying to figure out what to do with Eothas.
  • A shrine to Skaen can be found in Fort Deadlight, Deadlight Court.
  • The Wāpau Jungle encounter is a similar interaction to the Skaen blood pool in Pillars of Eternity
    • If you sacrifice a companion, you will be given an effigy doll. A trinket which casts Summon Effigy of Skaen
    • If you fight and kill the cultists, you will find Pathfinder’s Boots.


Priests have few personal buffs, few single-target strike spells, some crowd control abilities, many AoE buffs and healing spells. They can use combo attacks with other priests and are the first class that is able to provide party wide healing.


Priests do not gain power directly from their deity, but from their belief in the deity and the tenets of their religion. Priests gather energy into their own souls and release it through the use of specific prayers. These prayers form the common spells priests use in battle, ranging from healing magic and divine attacks to a variety of blessings and curses. Relying on large area of effect bonuses mixed with small area offensive spells to direct combat from afar.

Priests gain access to all spells of a given level as soon as he/she is able to cast from that level, but their overall access is limited by their faith.

Compared to wizards, priests have access to a smaller number of spells overall but do not need to prepare those spells in a grimoire. And while priests do have offensive spells, they are smaller in area and generally weaker in power than similar effects available to wizards and druids.


Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire was released on May 8, 2018 (exactly 1 year, 2 months and 13 days from the completion of the Fig campaign) on Windows, Linux and macOS, via Steam, GOG, Origin and the Mac App Store.

Czech-based developer Grip Digital was sub-contracted to develop a port to console platforms (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). The port would address adapting Pillars’ traditionally mouse-based UI to work for touch and gamepad-based input, and would include a number of performance optimizations for the hardware. While the project was originally scheduled for completion in Q4 2018, it saw a number of significant delays. Upon the release of The Forgotten Sanctum in December 2018, Obsidian announced that the game would ship to consoles some time in 2019. However this was eventually pushed back on December 9, 2019, when publisher Versus Evil announced that the game would finally be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on January 28, 2020, with the Nintendo Switch version following «later in the year.» This comes almost 2 years after the original PC release. The announcement detailed that the console version will be distributed both digitally via the Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, and Nintendo eShop, as well as physically through a partnership with publisher THQ Nordic. The physical release will come in the form of a Standard release and an Ultimate Collector’s Edition, which bundles in a number of physical bonuses. As announced, the game was released to consoles on January 28, 2020.


On PC, Mac and Linux, three different editions of the game are available for purchase — Digital Standard, Deluxe, and Obsidian editions. These editions are only available on Steam and GOG, and provide additional digital and in-game content on top of the base game. The expansions, season pass, and the Explorer’s Pack can also be purchased individually.

On consoles, the release is consolidated to a single «Ultimate Edition», including the base game and its expansions up to patch 5.0, but no digital bonus content. The console release also includes a «Ultimate Collector’s Edition», which contains a few physical bonuses that were previously only available during the .

Features PC / Mac / Linux Console
Standard Edition Deluxe Edition Obsidian Edition Ultimate Edition Ultimate Collector’s Edition
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire (Base game)
Explorer’s Pack
Official Pillars of Eternity II Soundtrack
In-Game Pet
Special In-Game Item
PoE Pen and Paper RPG Starter Guide
High Resolution Game Map
Digital Guidebook Vol. II
Season Pass
Beast of Winter
Seeker, Slayer, Survivor
The Forgotten Sanctum
Physical content
Physical copy
Premium box:

  • Od Nua Statue
  • Metal sticker
  • Key chain

Buffs in Pillars of Eternity[]

There are various ways to (temporarily) increase a character’s Resolve beyond their base score. These buffs are not restricted to the upper limit that is imposed during character creation — so a temporary score of 30 or more is not impossible.

Passive abilities/talents

unlimited – permanently active once learned

Type Ability RES modifier
Quest reward talent Berath’s Boon +1
Rewarded talent Effigy’s Resentment +1


one – bonus while equipped

Slot Item RES modifier
Head Ultimate Hat of Alluring Perfection -2
Hands Bracers of Enduring +1
Neck Cloak of the Theocrat +1
Head Company Captain’s Cap +1
Neck Glanfathan Adraswen +1
Fingers Snerf’s Folly +1
Head The Pilgrim’s Lasting Vigil +1
Fingers The Ring of Wonder +1
Neck Unwavering Resolve +1
Head Waage’s Hat of Leadership +1
Armor Coat of Ill Payment +2
Neck Amulet of Joka’te +2
Waist Broad Belt of Power +2
Head Dandy Hat of the Diseased Yak +2
Neck Lost Periapt of the Winding Path +2
Fingers Serel’s Ring +2
Armor Kerdhed Pames +3
Head Argwes Adra’s Helm +3
Fingers Ring of Changing Heart +3
Neck Shroud of Mourning +3
Hands Siegebreaker Gauntlets +4
Head Company Captain’s Cap +3
Armor Of Resolve 1 Enchantment +1
Armor Of Resolve 2 Enchantment +2

Resting bonuses

Location Inn Room RES modifier Lasts for
Gilded Vale Blackhound Inn Dyrwood’s Pride +2 2 rests
Copperlane Fox and Goose Merchant’s Stay +1 2 rests
Hearthsong Celestial Sapling Celestial Suite +2 1 rest
Hearthsong Celestial Sapling Wanderer’s Reprieve +1 2 rest
Caed Nua Brighthollow Chapel +3 3 rests

Prostitute boons

one – for the protagonist only

Location Brothel Prostitute RES modifier Lasts for
Ondra’s Gift Salty Mast Big Durmsey +2 1 rest
Ondra’s Gift Salty Mast Iqali +1 1 rest

Active abilities/spells

– temporary bonus when used

Type Ability RES modifier Duration Affected characters
Item Lord’s Authority +5 30 sec user

Consumable items

– temporary bonus when used

Type Item RES modifier Duration Affected characters
food Dragon Egg +3 300 sec user
food Dragon Egg Dish +3 300 sec user
food Dragon Meat +3 150 sec user
food Dragon Meat Dish +3 150 sec user

Weapon type bonus[]

Besides other differences, almost every weapon type has a distinguishing characteristic that sets it apart from similar weapons. This is called weapon type bonus. For example, pikes have an extended reach that allows their wielders to strike at targets from farther away; flails ignore a portion of shield-based deflection; estocs negate DR; etc.

Some effects of weapon type bonuses can be achieved by other means, mostly by enchanting the weapon. But contrary to enchantments, weapon type bonuses consume no enchanting slots («anvils»), leaving space for other enchantments. Specific bonuses for each weapon type are listed in the tables below.

Name Effects
Superior Interruption
Superior Interruption
Weapon bonus: Accurate ?
Weapon bonus: Best attack ?
Weapon bonus: Burning lash ?
Weapon bonus: Citzal’s Spirit Lance AoE ?
Weapon bonus: Crushing lash ?
Weapon bonus: Deflection ?
Weapon bonus: DR bypass 3 ?
Weapon bonus: DR bypass 4 ?
Weapon bonus: DR bypass 5 ?
Weapon bonus: DR bypass 6 ?
Weapon bonus: Increased crit damage ?
Weapon bonus: Increased reach ?
Weapon bonus: Interrupt ?
Weapon bonus: Overbearing ?
Weapon bonus: Paralyzed ?
Weapon bonus: Reduced crit damage ?
Weapon bonus: Reliable ?
Weapon bonus: Sharp ?
Weapon bonus: Shock DR reduction ?


When players create a priest character, they select a deity. Each choice highlights two types of behavior that are celebrated and two types of behavior that are condemned. For priests played as the main character, their Holy Radiance power will shift based on their behavior. Reinforcing their deity’s preferred behavior will gradually increase their power, while playing against type will cause a small diminishment in their power. These changes are not dramatic, but reflect a measure of dissonance between the character’s stated faith and how they choose to conduct themselves.

Deity Favored dispositions Condemned dispositions Favored weapons
Berath / Gaun Stoic, Rational Cruel, Passionate Mace, Great sword
Eothas Honest, Benevolent Cruel, Shady / Deceptive Flail, Morning star
Magran Aggressive, Clever Passionate, Diplomatic Sword, Arquebus
Rymrgand Rational, Honest Diplomatic, Benevolent Hatchets
Skaen Cruel, Shady / Deceptive Aggressive, Benevolent Stiletto, Club
Wael Deceptive, Clever Rational, Honest Quarterstaff, Rod
Woedica Rational, Cruel Diplomatic, Benevolent Unarmed

Как перейти на лучший корабль

Я наиграл порядка 20 часов, и даже при таком раскладе смог найти единственный способ получения новых кораблей в Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire — покупка у корабельных мастеров. Один из таковых находится на Причале королевы острова Некитака. Первое ваше судно — Дирвудский шлюп, описывать его не имеет смысла.

  • Цена: 20 000 меди.
  • Состояние корпуса/парусов: 50/25.
  • Шанс попадания: 50 %.
  • Минимальное число матросов: 5.


  • Цена: 35 000 меди.
  • Состояние корпуса/парусов: 80/40.
  • Шанс попадания: 60 %.
  • Минимальное число матросов: 7
  • Количество ходов для правого или левого поворота: 2.
  • Перекинуть паруса: 2 хода.


  • Цена: 50 000 меди.
  • Состояние корпуса/парусов: 120/40.
  • Шанс попадания: 60 %.
  • Минимальное число матросов: 8
  • Количество ходов для правого или левого поворота: 2.
  • Перекинуть паруса: 3 хода.


  • Цена: 60 000 меди.
  • Состояние корпуса/парусов: 80/60.
  • Шанс попадания: 70 %.
  • Минимальное число матросов: 9.
  • Количество ходов для правого или левого поворота: 2.
  • Перекинуть паруса: хода.


The legends of Ondra are old compared to those of the other gods, and tales of her romance with the moon are especially well-known. In the stories, Ondra attempts to touch the moon but grasps only a piece of it, which plummets into the ocean. Its catastrophic impact causes the earth to shudder and the seas to surge all over the world. Ondra still pursues the moon, which kith believe causes the tides. Tidal waves and tsunamis are a result of her more forceful advances.

Ondra is one of the few gods that doesn’t have a physical shape in legends and she is never known to speak. She is imagined as a goddess who listens without judgment. As such, many use the seas as a confessional. «Ondra’s Hair» are long, shifting pillars of water that appear on the surface of oceans. They are the most direct manifestation of Ondra, and people believe they serve to thwart and punish plunderers of the sea.

In reality, Ondra was one of the gods created by the Engwithans. As the master of forgetting and the only one determined enough to handle the task, she sought to destroy the Engwithans to prevent them from ever threatening the gods with their refinement of animancy. This would be the last intervention before the gods swore off direct involvement in the affairs of the kith. To achieve this, she pulled Ionni Brathr, the smallest of Eora’s moons, down from its orbit such that it would impact the Eastern Reach and Deadfire Archipelago, centers of Engwithan civilization. However, Abydon interfered with her plans. He forged a hammer that shattered the moon, causing most of its fragments to crash into the ocean. However, the largest shard remained on course. He threw himself in its path, sacrificing his life. Ondra honored his memory by erecting the Abbey of the Fallen Moon around his body, which lay in the mountains of the the White March.

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