Events in Hotline Miami 2[]

The Son is first seen in the introduction to the Act 2 level No Mercy (November 21st), where he’s shown to have a fondness to the Henchman, if not a full on friendship. He seems prepared to grant favors but when the Henchman expresses desires to quit, the Son has him clear out the newly Colombian-affiliated chop shop. The Son reminds the Henchman that he’s free to come back any time and to try the «new product» of purple and green pills.

The Son re-appears in the outro to Death Wish (December 20th), where he kills Alex and Ash with a magnum, seemingly laughing. He then walks toward the side of the building the Fans had planned to jump from.

His third appearance is in the intro to Seizure (November 18th) in the Catastrophe act, where he tells the Henchman he’s planning to attack a Colombian gang meeting he’s been invited to in an effort to reclaim lost territory. Henchman expresses reservations, but backs off. The dialogue strangely implies that the Henchman goes with the Son to Seizure (Henchman «I’ll do whatever you tell me too.» Son: «Alright then. Let’s go.»), though he doesn’t seem to.

In the Seizure outro, the Son is surrounded by strippers doing cocaine. He further implies that they did Seizure together («We sure did a number on those guys, huh?»). He tells the Henchman that Mary is too good for him and that «The minute you get attached to anyone, you know you’re fucked.» However he says it’s none of his business and gives Henchman some money to get Mary something nice.

During a bank robbery on December 7th he is confronted by apparitions of the characters from the first game’s Showdown level, who ask him why he’s here. He tells them that he wants to make them proud, but the apparition of the Father tells him «You’re just like me, you won’t get it until it’s too late.»

The next appearance is on December 14th, when Manny Pardo attempts to visit the Son, perhaps implying a partnership (possibly explaining Pardo’s Colombian massacre at the docks four days prior and his knowledge of Petrov’s whereabouts) and/or a desire of Pardo’s to kill the Son to become famous. Regardless of his reasons, he’s denied and the Son continues to the Colombian gang headquarters, wiping the majority of them out personally and letting his subordinates kill the Colombian gang leader and his guards.

After failing to make contact with Henchman and unwittingly giving his address to the Fans, he takes a large amount of the green-and-purple pills and goes into a mania-induced rampage, killing an unknown number of his own men. As the high continues, he comes across the semi-realistic animal versions of the Fans, first fighting Mark, Corey, Tony and finally Alex and Ash. In between the fights he sees warped images of jungle flora overtaking the building, wild animals having killed and feasted on his remaining men that were killed by the fans and not him, and a surreal rendition of the «Blood Money» toast, the vodka shots replaced with shotgun pellets. After killing all except Tony, he walks off the edge of the building’s roof on what appears to him to be a rainbow bridge to Valhalla, while in reality he falls to his death.

His body after his fall.

After the scene Death Wish, his body can be seen on the ground of the building, covered with a white sheet in a pool of blood.


The dates corresponding with the Ghost Wolves storyline and Jake’s storyline are inconsistent and generally hard to reconcile with or deduce from the events of the games. For these reasons they’re excluded from the game timeline above.


The Waipahu Prison is assaulted by the Ghost Wolves, who kill ~350 men and destroy seven attack helicopters. They then steal an attack helicopter and «nuke» the Russian base.


A Russian controlled base near Midway Atoll is captured by the Ghost Wolves. 10 days later another base is taken over by the Ghost Wolves.


10th — The captured Paradise Resort is taken over by the Ghost Wolves. It is very similar to Stronghold, which takes place in an unnamed Hawaiian resort.


2nd — Jake attends an American pride protest rally which breaks into a riot. Jake kills a Russian woman before returning to his apartment to find a 50 Blessings package containing his Jake Mask.


  • Mid July — The comics re-date Assault as occurring «last week» from Showdown instead of a day prior.
  • 23rd — Jacket is apprehended by police on the morning at Lebedev’s mansion. The filming of his arrest is broadcast during a news report about his series of crimes, which are viewed by Daniels and the Fans.


  • 23rd — The Pig Butcher is shown being filmed while «killing» a store clerk with a hammer on 196th Street.
  • 24th — The Pig Butcher is watching horror movies in his apartment before being told by the Pig Phone to go to 188 63rd Street, where he «kills» a family. Several cameras and boom mics are visible in many comic panels. He returns to his apartment to eat beans and is again told by the Pig Phone to go to 188 66th Street, where he «kills» a group of teenagers. After he does, he removes his mask and is congratulated by the movie crew.


  • 9th — A cargo shipment of Russian prostitutes is discovered by the Miami Port Authority. Ash and Mark express a desire to acquire a police radio.
  • 9th — The Fans are on a patrol around a warehouse district. Ash discovers a warehouse that had its gate lock cut. The Fans decide to investigate and run into a group of masked thieves raiding the warehouse, before being killed by the Fans.

Hotline Miami[]

  • Jacket drives an Acado GT, a fictional vehicle analogous to a DeLorean with gullwing doors. The car suggests that Jacket either has some unknown source of large income or stole it.
  • Biker rides a red sports bike.
  • In Crackdown two police cars and a SWAT van are parked out front as the player exits the level.
  • During the chapter Deadline, a black van crashes into the building and its driver and passengers attempt to kill Jacket. This van type is found again in Homicide, where Gang enemies load stolen goods into one, and Blood Money, where both the Son and the Colombians are shown using them during a bank heist.
  • In Showdown the Father is shown to own two Lamborghini Murcielagos, one purple and one green.

Events of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number[]

The Colonel is a US Army officer commanding American Special Forces in a conventional war against the USSR in the volcanic region of Hawaii. His unit is composed of 4 men: Jacket, Beard, Daniels and Barnes. Seemingly a sentimental and unoptimistic man at heart, the war progressively takes its toll on the mental state of the Colonel, who begins drinking heavily and displaying increasingly bizarre and hallucinatory behavior, much to his own team’s worry.

On the night of March 17th, 1985, he mans an armory counter and tells Beard to choose his weapon wisely and be careful as he doesn’t want any of his men dying on him. His eyes are blinking out of sync, perhaps indicating he’s already drunk. He alludes to a shipment of bourbon he doesn’t want to drink alone. His quarters feature a US flag blanket on an army green bed, a table of radio equipment and intel sheets, and a desk featuring a bottle of alcohol, several pictures, several cigarette butts, some blueprints, and a parrot. The ground around the desk is littered with cigarette packs.

On the morning of October 25th, 1985, the Colonel has stayed in his quarters abnormally long, prompting Beard to check on him. The quarters contains a turtle corpse with several scraps of paper burning on it, and what appears to be the 50 Blessings symbol on the shell. The Colonel is again visibly drunk, and his quarters now contains a half-empty food crate and several empty bean cans on the ground, along with a frying pot on a counter. His parrot is perched on his shoulder. He informs Beard that he’s being promoted to Lt. General, but expresses disdain at the promotion as he doubts America will win the war. He comments that their next mission is a «real piece of shit» but that it should be their last. He advises Beard to stay frosty and stay alive. After the mission the Colonel is keeping the rest of the squad waiting, possibly receiving more orders.

On October 30th at 2:16 AM, the Colonel’s desk is a simple strategic table devoid of his personal possessions seen prior, and he has killed a panther, painting the future 50 Blessings symbol on the stripes of the American flag in its blood. He has also skinned the panther’s face off and carved the symbol into its forehead, wearing the face as a mask. Raising his blood soaked hands, he delivers a speech to his unit:

Do you see this? … Can you see my face? This is my true nature! You see, don’t you? This is who I am! This is who we all are. We’re animals! … There’s no denying it! A bunch of goddamn animals! They’re sending us out to slaughter or be slaughtered… And here we sit until they tell us what to do, and how to do it! No will of our own, just mindless obedience! We don’t even know why we’re fighting now, do we? All we know is that deep down, somewhere in there, we enjoy it. Destruction and violence… it’s just part of our nature.

This could be considered the foundational speech for 50 Blessings. After Beard asks if he’s okay, the panther face slides off and the Colonel awkwardly explains that he’s had too much to drink and is going to lie down. The next day, the panther corpse is cleaned up, but the 50 Blessings turtle corpse with burning papers returns by the window, which Jacket is smoking near. The Colonel is standing outside with a heavy machine gun. He tells Beard that he doesn’t feel very good today. He says he’s gotten word they’re sending the unit home tomorrow, but that the squad will be headed straight into a trap and that there’s nothing he can do about it. He fears they’ll all be going home in body bags, and that it’s been «damn good» commanding the squad. «We may not win this war, but I couldn’t be more proud of you boys,» he concludes.

On December 28th, 1991, the Colonel, now an Army General, is the ringleader in an uprising that has killed the presidents of both the United States and the USSR at the Russo-American Coalition conference. Whether or not he was physically there is vague. This incident ignites global nuclear war. It is possible that he or some of his followers survive the nuclear apocalypse, given the existence of 50 Blessings nuclear-proof bunkers, meaning they were perfectly aware of the possible consequences of their actions and had prepared for them.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number[]



  • NG+ Intro: Nounverber — Black Tar
  • Level: Prey Growl — Detection
  • Outro: Dennaton Games — Videodrome

Act 1 Exposition


  • Intro: Light Club — Blizzard
  • Level: Jasper Byrne — Voyager
  • Score screen (for all levels with points): M/O/O/N — Dust
  • Outro: Light Club — She Meditates


  • Intro: Endless — Disturbance
  • Level: Perturbator (feat. Noir Deco) — Technoir
  • Outro 1: Dennaton Games — Videodrome
  • Outro 2: Old Future Fox Gang — Guided Meditation


  • Intro: Riddarna — Simma Hem / Miami Jam
  • Level: Magna — Divide
  • Outro: Light Club — She Meditates


  • Intro 1: Mitch Murder — Hollywood Heights
  • Intro 2: Life Companions — Richard
  • Intro 3: Sjellos — Chamber of Reflections
  • Intro 4: Dennaton Games — Videodrome
  • Level: Jasper Byrne — Decade Dance
  • Outro: Dennaton Games — Videodrome

Act 2 Rising


  • Intro: Chromacle — Interlude
  • Level: Vestron Vulture — New Wave Hookers
  • Outro: Modulogeek — Around


  • Intro: Light Club — Blizzard
  • Level: Magic Sword — In the Face of Evil
  • Outro 1: Dennaton Games — Videodrome
  • Outro 2: Light Club — She Meditates


  • Intro: Dag Unenge — Untitled / The Winding Theme #1
  • Level: Scattle — Remorse
  • Outro 1: Dennaton Games — Videodrome
  • Outro 2: Light Club — She Meditates
  • Outro 3: Mitch Murder: Frantic Aerobics
  • Outro 4: Life Companions — Richard
  • Outro 5: Chromacle — Interlude


  • Level: Perturbator — Sexualizer
  • Outro: Dennaton Games — Videodrome

Act 3 Climax


  • Intro 1: Old Future Fox Gang — Java
  • Intro 2: El Huervo — Rust
  • Level: M/O/O/N — Delay
  • Outro 1: Dennaton Games — Videodrome
  • Outro 2: Chromacle — Interlude


  • Intro: Light Club — Blizzard
  • Level 1: Jasper Byrne — Voyager
  • Level 2: Life Companions — We’re Sorry


  • Intro: Chromacle — Interlude
  • Level: Scattle — Bloodline
  • Outro 1: Dennaton Games — Videodrome
  • Outro 2: Old Future Fox Gang — Guided Meditation


  • Intro 1: Mitch Murder — Hollywood Heights
  • Intro 2: Dennaton Games — Videodrome
  • Level: Carpenter Brut — Roller Mobster
  • Outro 1: Dennaton Games — Videodrome
  • Outro 2: Endless — Keep Calm

Act 4 Falling


  • Intro 1: Modulogeek — Around
  • Intro 2: Chromacle — Interlude
  • Level: IAmTheKidYouKnowWhatIMean — Run
  • Outro normal: Modulogeek — Around
  • Outro Hank’s bar: Nounverber — Black Tar


  • Intro: El Huervo — Rust
  • Level: Benny Smiles — Hotline Miami Theme
  • Outro 1: Dennaton Games — Videodrome
  • Outro 2: Light Club — She Meditates


  • Intro 1: Riddarna — Simma Hem / Miami Jam
  • Intro 2: Mitch Murder — Frantic Aerobics
  • Level: M/O/O/N — Quixotic
  • Outro normal — Light Club — She Meditates
  • Outro hideout 1: Dennaton Games — Videodrome
  • Outro hideout 2: Chromacle — Interlude
  • Outro Evan — Old Future Fox Gang — Guided Meditation


  • Intro 1: Chromacle — Interlude
  • Intro 2: Life Companions — Richard
  • Intro 3: Dennaton Games — Videodrome
  • Intro 4: El Huervo — Ghost
  • Level: Magic Sword — The Way Home
  • Outro 1: Dennaton Games — Videodrome
  • Outro 2: Modulogeek — Around
  • Outro 3: Endless — Disturbance
  • Outro 4: Castanets — You Are the Blood

Act 5 Intermission


  • Intro 1: Modulogeek — Around
  • Intro 2: Chromacle — Interlude
  • Level: Dubmood — Richard
  • Outro: Endless — Disturbance


  • Intro: Modulogeek — Around
  • Level: Mega Drive — NARC
  • Outro: Endless — Disturbance


  • Intro: Modulogeek — Around
  • Level: Cinimod — Rumble


  • Intro 1: Modulogeek — Around
  • Intro 2: Chromacle — Interlude
  • Level: Carpenter Brut — Le Perv
  • Outro 1: Dennaton Games — Videodrome
  • Outro: Modulogeek — Around

Act 6 Catastrophe


  • Intro: Auto Delta Time — Ms Minnie
  • Level: El Tigr3 — She Swallowed Burning Coals
  • Outro: Light Club — She Meditates


  • Intro 1: Dag Unenge — Untitled / The Winding Theme #1
  • Intro 2: Chromacle — Interlude
  • Level: Mega Drive — Acid Spit
  • Outro 1: Dennaton Games — Videodrome
  • Outro 2: Life Companions — Richard
  • Outro 3: Old Future Fox Gang — Guided Meditation


  • Intro 1: Chromacle — Interlude
  • Intro 2: Life Companions — Richard
  • Intro 3: Dennaton Games — Videodrome
  • Level: Mega Drive — Slum Lord
  • Outro: Dennaton Games — Videodrome


  • Intro: Auto Delta Time — Ms Minnie
  • Level: Perturbator — Future Club

Feature Film


  • Intro: Chromacle — Interlude
  • Level: Light Club — Fahkeet
  • Credits: M/O/O/N — Dust
  • Outro 1: Modulogeek — Around
  • Outro 2: Dennaton Games — Videodrome
  • Outro 3: Castanets — You Are the Blood
  • Outro 4: Perturbator — Welcome Back / Hotline 3

Bonus Content


  • Intro 1: Old Future Fox Gang — Guided Meditation
  • Intro 2: LipPi Sound — Abyss Intro
  • Level: LipPi Sound — Abyss


The Son has the choice of 3 different techniques at the start of two of his levels, granting him specific abilities. A new technique is unlocked upon successfully completing a level.

Each ability is akin to that of The Fans, and is unlocked in a similar order:


The Bodyguard’s old sunglasses, cracked when she was killed by Jacket.

Inherited from the blonde ninja girl from the first game, this is unlocked by default and activated with the space bar, granting the Son the ability to start with a Katana and has the ability to roll dodge. Similar to Corey, he is able to become temporally invulnerable, rolling under gunfire, and avoiding melee attacks.

While rolling, he cannot attack, but can do so immediately out of the roll. There is a short delay after the roll has finished in which he cannot roll again, meaning that he cannot constantly repeat this move to achieve a continuous state of invulnerability.

Dirty Hands

The Son gains the ability of Killing Punches, but cannot pick up any weapons. Similar to Tony, his punches kill standard enemies at the cost of being unable to use weapons, and he is able to kill fat enemies by first knocking them to the floor and then performing a ground execution, as well as being able to perform ground executions on dogs. The ability also trades his weaponless ground execution from a slow foot grind to a fast double punch execution. A noticeable difference between Tony and Dirty Hands is The Son’s punching speed is still the default used by most player characters rather than Tony’s rapid jabs.


You remember this?

Inherited from the Father, the Son starts with a pair of MP5s that he dual wields. Similar to Mark, he is able to aim in separate directions; horizontally by holding down the right mouse button or left trigger of a controller, and vertically by holding the right mouse button and left shift.

The Numbers on the sprite are the date of Showdown in Hotline Miami, which is reference to the day his father and the grandfather were killed by Jacket.

He has a full magazine of ammo for each gun in reserve. After his ammunition is depleted, he drops his firearms on the ground and reverts to using other weapons normally. You are also able to pick up the MP5s after their ammo is depleted, but they will still remain unusable for the rest of the level. A notable difference between Bloodline and Mark is the inability to perform ground executions while using the MP5s, likely because of the relative lack of doors in The Son’s levels.

General Playstyle

Techniques aside, The Son’s general playstyle also features several characteristics that make him stand out from other playable characters. The first of these being that he swings several melee weapons at a slower speed than what their usual speed is (e.g. he swings the golf club much slower than the usual speed it swings at with most other playable characters).

The second and more notable characteristics is having several unique executions. His default execution is a stomping move, where The Son will quickly stomp on an enemy’s head and grind his foot into their heads. This is a rather long execution like most other playable character’s stomping executions (except for Martin Brown’s stomping execution, which is quite fast).

While using the golf club, The Son will perform a unique execution where he will smash the club across an enemy’s face in a golf-swinging posture (this execution is very similar to Jacket’s scripted execution on Biker).

While using the baton, the execution The Son performs involves smacking the baton across the enemy’s face three times, bludgeoning them to death. This execution is unique to the regular baton execution, where most playable characters will smash it down onto an enemy’s head.

While using the machete, he can execute an enemy by decapitating them via hacking them three times in the neck with it (This execution is shared with Jacket’s machete execution in the first game, although it is slower).

While using the butterfly knife, rather than simply slitting the enemy’s throat, The Son will swiftly stab the enemy in the side of the neck once.


The firearms of the Hotline Miami series are very powerful. Usually, firearms will kill in a single shot; only occasionally will the player or an enemy survive more than one shot. Firearms cannot be reloaded (with the exception of Beard’s weapons), so if a gun runs out of ammunition, its only remaining attack is to be thrown to knock down enemies.


  • M16 (both games)
  • Shotgun (both games)
  • Double Barrel (both games)
  • Uzi (both games)
  • Skorpion (Hotline Miami weapon)
  • Magnum (both games)
  • Silenced Pistol (Hotline Miami weapon)
  • Silenced Uzi (both games, seen in Level Editor — Exclusive to Jacket and Richter in Hotline Miami 2)
  • MP5 (both games — Exclusive to Mark and The Son in Hotline Miami 2)
  • 9mm (Hotline Miami 2 Weapon)
  • Kalashnikov (Hotline Miami 2 Weapon)
  • Silenced Heavy Pistol (Hotline Miami 2 Weapon)
  • FAMAE (Hotline Miami 2 Weapon)
  • Mendoza (Hotline Miami 2 Weapon)
  • Heavy Machine Gun (Hotline Miami 2 Weapon — Exclusive to Beard)
  • Sniper Rifle (Hotline Miami 2 Weapon — Exclusive to Beard)
  • Flamethrower (Hotline Miami 2 Weapon — Exclusive to Beard)
  • Nail Gun (Hotline Miami 2 Weapon — Exclusive to Jake)



In Hotline Miami, both of them wear green suits and caps as their uniforms, while Dennis has blonde hair of medium length, blue eyes, and a piercing in his nose. Jonatan has short brown hair, blue eyes, a mustache and a goatee, and appears to also have stubble.

In Hotline Miami 2, they both no longer wear their uniforms, but civil clothing, and have both grown their beards (especially Dennis, who now has a full beard and dyed brown hair), a reference to Wedin and Soderström whose looks changed since the creation of the first game. In Release, Dennis is carrying a large bag, and Jonatan has a backpack.

In both games, they have suspicious grins on their faces (perhaps implying knowledge about the outcome of the series) which only cease after Biker correctly guesses their Computers’ password.

Dennis with a straight face.

Jonatan with a straight face.


The Janitors like to call themselves American patriots. They are contributing to 50 Blessings’ movement of terrorism against the Russian Mafia by forcing people to commit murders. These murders are ordered via cryptic phone calls. While the patriotic motives of the Janitors can be debated as justified or not, the Janitors are clearly immoral and sociopathic. They show absolutely no remorse for pushing innocent people like Richter to commit murders. Furthermore, they are completely ungrateful to their agents, as they order most of them to be killed after they stop being useful.

The Janitors are also representations of the two creators of the games, some of their dialogue is actually the developers addressing the player. However, this type of dialogue seems to have a double meaning, as the Janitors and the developers are clearly distinct entities.

Hotline Miami[]

Points Screen

Points for the Kills, Boldness and Combos categories are counted by the in-level point counter. Time Bonus, Flexibility and Mobility scores are given in the results screen.

  • Kills — Obtained for killing enemies, some ways give more points for this than others. For example, executions give more bonus than firearm kills.
  • Boldness

    Killing an unarmed enemy in a way classified as potential exposure (see exposure below) will have a negative impact on the final score, potentially bringing down the Boldness score to its minimum of 100 if repeated enough times. This should therefore be avoided if one is trying for a high score.

    — Actions counting toward this are door slams, dangerous pickups, and other actions (such as kills) performed while being exposed (the more alerted enemies, the better). Don Juan wall kills and Hammer/Brick throw kills also massively contribute to the score. It is with Combos the category with the most potent points obtainable.

  • Combos — Gained from performing combos, the bigger the combo, the more points. Calculated in a way that obtaining a 10x combo gives more points than two 5x combos.
  • Time Bonus — Starts at 9000 and gradually goes down until reaching 0 at 300s on the timer. Time passing while going back to the vehicle at the end of a chapter also counts. This factor is less relevant in longer levels, and more in shorter ones.
  • Flexibility

    Due to being locked to a single weapon, Biker will normally always obtain 0 points.

    — Obtained by varying the killing methods against enemies, such as different types of firearms and melee weapons, door slams, executions and projectile kills. Score for this category is in increments of 500.

  • Mobility — Contributed to by the distance traveled by the player.
  • Grade


  • Exposure: Killed an enemy while being alerted by 1 enemy.**
  • Double Exposure: Killed an enemy while being alerted by 2 enemies.**
  • Triple Exposure: Killed an enemy while being alerted by 3 enemies.**
  • Severe Exposure: Killed an enemy while being alerted by 4 or more enemies.**
  • Door Slam: Enemy knocked down with door. This accolade can be grant multiple times for hitting the same enemy, but score bonus will be grant only once.
  • Execution: Kill on a down enemy in the «slump» or «starfish» positions. Head-bash kills do not trigger this.
  • Mercy Kill: Neck snap a crawling, mortally wounded enemy.
  • Nx Combo: Kill N enemies quickly. Combo timer reset by knockdowns and lengthened by kills and Zack. Don Juan door kills, shuriken throw kills, knife throw kills and throwing knife kills still reset combo timer, but do not count towards combo amount.
  • Sharp Shooter: Kill offscreen enemy with gun.
  • Sneaky Shot: Kill enemy through yellow walls with gun.
  • Dangerous Pick Up: Weapon pick up during a Triple/Severe Exposure
  • Projectile Kill: Kill with a lethally throwable weapon. (Jake throw kills and knife throw kills do not trigger this)
  • Double Hit: Kill two enemies with one weapon (either brick or hammer) throw.
  • Triple Hit: Kill three enemies with one weapon (either brick or hammer) throw.
  • Multi-Hit: Kill 4+ enemies with one weapon (either brick or hammer) throw.
  • Big Balls: Successfully utilized a dart to throw at weapon wielding enemy and obtained 500 (+500 per each enemy alerted) points.

** — executions (including headbash kills) and killing throws do not trigger this, altough Boldness points for exposure kills are still grant

Playstyles (based on Actions)

If conditions to obtain multiple Playstyles are met, the one received is determined by its level of priority which are ranked as follows:

  • 0 Generic: None of conditions described below were met
  • 1 Exhibitionist: 6+ Exposures
  • 2 Improvisor: 3+ ‘pressure pick up’ events (not possible in final game)
  • 3 Combo Breaker: 5+ Combos
  • 4 Coward: Sneaky Shots
  • 5 Pitcher: 3+ Projectile kills
  • 6 Door Man: 4+ Door Slams
  • 7 Chiropractor: 3+ Mercy Kills
  • 8 Combo Trainee: 3x to 7x
  • 9 Combo Specialist: 8x to 11x
  • 10 Combo Master: 12x+
  • 11 Executioner: 5+ Executions
  • 12 Sadist: 10+ Executions
  • 13 Coward (2): 8+ Sharp Shooter
  • 14 Invisible Man: 0 Exposures of any kind. Obtaining no actions will also grant this title.
  • ?? Marksman — 3-7 Sharp Shooter


Grade Fraction of level’s max score required
A+ 14/15 and up
A 13/15
A- 12/15
B+ 11/15
B 10/15
B- 9/15
C+ 8/15
C 7/15
C- 6/15
D+ 5/15
D 4/15
D- 3/15
F+ 2/15
F 1/15
F- Under 1/15

List of killed victims[]

This is a compiled list of how many kills The Son has performed in the series. Kills in Italics are unclear and merely up to interpretation. Kills in Bold are kills determined by the player’s choice:

  • 2 Bankers
  • Colombian Boss (Caused)
  • Colombian Henchman (Caused)
  • Blue Lips (possibly killed by either The Fans or The Son)
  • Mark
  • Corey
  • Alex
  • Ash
  • Himself (walked off his own building and fell to his death)
  • At least 129 Colombians (including Thugs — also includes 2 captive Colombians and 8 Colombians guarding the Colombian Boss)
  • 41 security guards
  • 17 dogs (2 of which are killed along with the Colombian Henchman)
  • At least 14 Russian Mobsters (8 of which he hallucinates as Demons — including Thugs)

Overall, The Son has killed 207 enemies (212 if you count Blue Lips, the 2 bankers in Blood Money and the 2 captive Colombians seen in the intro of Take Over).

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