Лучшие дроппер карты для майнкрафт

PNW Loam

4.0 out of 5 star rating

PNW’s Loam dropper post builds on an already extensive component range that offers good value across the board. Andy Lloyd / Immediate Media

  • Price: £146 / $199 / €170 as tested
  • Weight: 524g
  • Stroke length (* tested): 125mm, 150mm*, 170mm, 200mm
  • Diameters (* tested): 30.9mm, 31.6mm*, 34.9mm
  • Max length: 385mm (125mm travel), 440mm (150mm travel), 480mm (170mm travel), 540mm (200mm travel)

PNW offers good value for money across its range of products and its Loam dropper post is no exception.

The dropper post performed well through testing and the Loam lever (which is sold separately for £50 / $69 / €59) has a positive and predictable feel.

The Loam dropper comes with some nifty features including customisable speed return and easy on-bike travel adjustment.

The 55mm stack height is reasonable and still leaves a decent amount of room to move around when the saddle is dropped.

There is noticeable side play when wiggling the saddle which made the post feel less sturdy but did nothing to impact performance.

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4.5 out of 5 star rating

With 212mm of drop, this is one of the longest-travel dropper seatposts you can buy. Andy Lloyd / Immediate Media

  • Price: €427.93 (approx £388) as tested
  • Weight: 530g (212mm post and remote)
  • Stroke length (* tested): 122mm, 152mm, 182mm, 212mm*
  • Diameters (* tested): 30.9mm*, 31.6mm, 34.9 mm
  • Max length: 571mm

The Vecnum NIVO is available in four lengths and the 212mm version we tested is one of the longest-travel seatposts available on the market. That amount of travel is liberating for tall folk on bikes with rider-forward geometry.

The TRAVELFIT system allows you to shorten the travel in 4mm steps to find the perfect fit for your frame and the overall package is surprisingly light.

However, it’s a pricey option and we needed to up the pressure to the maximum allowed to get the post to reach full extension.

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A dropper can be used as a container or as a redstone component to move objects.

A dropper can be placed so that its output faces in any direction, including up or down. When placed, the dropper’s output faces toward the player. With default textures, the droppers output side looks like a face when positioned for horizontal output. Otherwise, the output side has a square hole.

A dropper cannot be moved by pistons in Java Edition.


A dropper has 9 slots of inventory space.

To open the dropper GUI, use the Use Item control. To move items between the dropper inventory and the player inventory or hotbar while the dropper GUI is open, drag or shift-click the items. To exit the dropper GUI, use the Esc control.

By default, the GUI of a dropper is labeled «Dropper». A dropper’s GUI label can be changed by naming the dropper in an anvil before placing it, or by using the command‌[Java Edition only] (for example, to label a dropper at (0,64,0) «Alice’s Dropper», use ).

A dropper can be «locked» (or subsequently unlocked) by setting the dropper’s tag with the command. If a dropper’s tag is not blank, the dropper cannot be accessed except by players holding an item with the same name as the tag’s text. For example, to lock a dropper at (0,64,0) so that only players holding an item named «Alice’s Key» can access the dropper, use .‌[Java Edition only]

Redstone component

See also: Redstone circuit

A dropper can be used to eject items, or push items into another container.

A dropper can be activated by:

  • an adjacent active power component (Exceptions: a redstone torch does not turn ON a dropper it is attached to)
  • an adjacent powered opaque block (strongly-powered or weakly-powered)
  • a powered redstone repeater or redstone comparator facing the dropper
  • powered redstone dust configured to point at the dropper, or on top of it, or a directionless «dot» next to it; a dropper is not activated by adjacent powered redstone dust that is configured to point in another direction.
In addition to the methods above, droppers can also be activated by quasi-connectivity.‌[Java Edition only] A dropper activates if one of the methods above would activate a mechanism component in the block above the dropper, even if there is no mechanism component there (even if the block above the dropper is air or a transparent block), but only when the dropper receives a block update (including a redstone update within two blocks of the dropper).
A dropper has a 2 redstone tick (4 game ticks, or 0.2 seconds barring lag) delay between activation and a response. During this time, additional inputs are ignored.

See also:

When activated, a dropper waits 2 redstone ticks (4 game ticks, or 0.2 seconds barring lag) and then ejects one item from its inventory. The dropper does not continue to eject items while activated — ejection occurs only on the initial activation (the of an input signal). To eject multiple items, repeatedly activate the dropper with a clock circuit.
If multiple slots are occupied by items, a random occupied slot is chosen for ejection. The slot is chosen when an item is ejected, not when the dropper is initially activated, thus it is possible to move items into or out of a dropper between its activation and item dispensing.
If the dropper is facing a container, the ejected item is transferred into the container. If the container it is facing is full, the dropper does not activate. Otherwise, the item is ejected in the direction the dropper is facing, as if a player had used the Drop control. Even items that would be treated differently by a dispenser (such as arrows) are simply ejected by a dropper.
A dropper makes a clicking noise (the sound event) when activated empty, when ejecting items into air, or when ejecting items into any block other than a chest type container or barrel or another dropper. It is silent when it successfully transfers an item into any kind of chest or barrel, or another dropper.

A dropper is an opaque block, so powering it directly can cause adjacent mechanism components (including other droppers) to activate as well.

A line of droppers, each pushing items into the next dropper, is known as a dropper pipe. A dropper pipe must be clocked to move items, but can be clocked to move items faster than a hopper pipe’s transfer rate. When a dropper pipe pushes items upwards, it is known as a droppervator (short for «dropper elevator»).

Syncros Duncan Dropper 2.0

4.0 out of 5 star rating

The smooth black finish felt robust and it’s yet to have a mark on it even a month or two down the line. Immediate Media

  • Price: £210 / $230 as tested
  • Weight: 562g
  • Stroke length (* tested): 125mm, 150mm*
  • Diameters: 31.6mm
  • Max length: 458mm

Because the Duncan Dropper 2.0 comes in solely one diameter (31.6mm), it’s only possible to fit it to bikes with a 31.6mm or larger (by adding a shim) diameter seatpost. Further restrictions in available travel options also limit choice.

But if you’re lucky enough to have a bike with a seat tube that it’ll fit and you need either a 125mm or 150mm travel post, the Duncan Dropper 2.0 is a cracking performer.

With the remote included with the post, a smooth and predictable action, and an easy-to-use and reliable two-bolt seat clamp, there are few reasons to not spend your cash on the Duncan.

It does appear to be pretty similar to Race Face’s Aeffect-R and Brand-X’s Ascend II posts, the latter of which costs around £60 less and, in our opinion, has a better remote and cabling. If you’re dead set on the Syncros you can’t go wrong, but there are similar posts out there for less money, so shop wisely.

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Java Edition:

Sound Subtitles Source Description Resource location Translation key Volume Pitch Attenuationdistance
Block broken Blocks Once the block has broken 1.0 0.8 16
None Blocks Falling on the block with fall damage None 0.5 0.75 16
Block breaking Blocks While the block is in the process of being broken 0.25 0.5 16
Block placed Blocks When the block is placed 1.0 0.8 16
Footsteps Blocks Walking on the block 0.15 1.0 16

Bedrock Edition:

Sound Source Description Resource location Volume Pitch
Blocks Once the block has broken 1.0 0.8
Blocks Falling on the block with fall damage 0.4 1.0
Blocks While the block is in the process of being broken 0.37 0.5
? Blocks Jumping from the block 0.12 1.0
? Blocks Falling on the block without fall damage 0.22 1.0
Blocks Walking on the block 0.3 1.0
Blocks When the block is placed 1.0 0.8


Java Edition:

Sound Subtitles Source Description Resource location Translation key Volume Pitch Attenuationdistance
https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/File:Click.ogg Dispensed item Blocks Dropper activating 1.0 1.0 16
https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/File:Click.ogg Dispenser fails Blocks Dropper failing to activate 1.0 1.2 16
  1. ↑ The dropper reuses the dispenser’s sound events instead of having its own, see .

BikeYoke Revive 2.0

4.5 out of 5 star rating

The BikeYoke Revive 2.0 dropper seatpost is seriously long at 213mm. Andy Lloyd / Immediate Media

  • Price: £299-£365 as tested (without dropper lever)
  • Weight: 642g
  • Stroke length (* tested): 125mm, 160mm, 185mm, 213mm*
  • Diameters (* tested): 30.9mm, 31.6mm*, 34.9mm (Revive Max)
  • Max length: 397mm (125mm travel), 467mm (160mm travel), 517mm (185mm travel), 582mm (213mm travel)

As far as we are aware, the BikeYoke Revive 2.0 is the longest dropper post on the market with 213mm of travel and a 582mm max length in its biggest size, which is good news for those with long legs.

The low stack height keeps the post out of the way when it’s down, providing plenty of room to move your body around when descending.

The BikeYoke Revive 2.0 has always been praised for its smooth action, and our testing led us to think that this could well be the best feeling cable-operated dropper around, with a precise and light lever feel.

The BikeYoke Revive 2.0 doesn’t come with a dropper lever included, and this will cost an extra £65 on top of the initial £299–£365 outlay (depending on stroke length).

Finally, the post doesn’t use an IFP (internal floating piston) like some other brands. This means fewer seals, less friction and less to go wrong, but it does mean the oil can mix with the air resulting in sponginess. A 4mm bolt underneath the saddle clamp makes it easy to refresh the post, but the necessity of this could be offputting for some.

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Fox Transfer Performance Elite

4.5 out of 5 star rating

The new Fox Transfer Performance Elite is lighter than before and is now available with 200mm of travel. Andy Lloyd / Immediate Media

  • Price: £339 / $309 as tested
  • Weight: 636g
  • Stroke length (* tested): 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm*, 200mm
  • Diameters (* tested): 30.9mm, 31.6mm*
  • Max length: 308.6mm (100mm travel), 363.5mm (125mm travel), 418.3mm (150mm), 475.1mm (175mm travel), 530.7mm (200mm travel)

Fox has updated its reliable Transfer dropper post, reducing weight, insertion depths and adding a 200mm travel option. It’s also released a new 1x bar remote and has made internals easier to service.

One of our favourite new additions is the low-profile seat clamp which keeps the stack height at a minimal 44mm and frees up plenty of space to move your body around on steep descents.

Installation and adjustment are very easy and the cam-operated actuator makes for a light feel.

The new 1x remote was smooth throughout testing and can be mounted either directly to the bar or Shimano I-Spec or SRAM Matchmaker brake levers. The only downside is the lever isn’t included and will cost an extra £75.

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X-Fusion Manic

4.0 out of 5 star rating

An excellent, cost-effective post from X Fusion. Immediate Media Co

  • Price: £220 as tested
  • Weight (claimed): 672g
  • Stroke length: 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 170mm*
  • Diameters: 30.9mm, 31.6mm, 24.9mm
  • Max length: 478mm (170mm travel)
  • Internal length: 290mm

The latest Manic is proving to be an excellent, cost-effective post.

While the neat shifter-style remote wobbles a bit from new, it has plenty of leverage for such a light action. The stroke is smooth and easily controlled in both directions, with reasonable return speed and an easily felt top-out clunk.

While the Manic was updated fairly recently, all the reliability feedback we’ve had from users has been excellent so far. Replacing the sealed-cartridge internals only costs £20 if there’s an issue.

The cable can unhook if you move the post in the frame without keeping it taut, but we’re assured there’s a fix imminent for that glitch.


Java Edition
1.5 13w03a Added droppers.
Droppers are crafted using 7 cobblestone, one hopper, and one piece of redstone:

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Cobblestone +Hopper +Redstone
The top and bottom textures of droppers currently remain fixed regardless of the facing direction.
13w04a Droppers can now face all six directions.
The crafting recipe of droppers has now been changed, removing the hopper from the middle.
13w10b Activated droppers now do not fire if they receive a block update.
1.8 14w25a The models of dropper have been changed.
1.9.1 pre1 Droppers can now use loot tables.
1.13 17w47a Prior to The Flattening, this block’s numeral ID was 158.
1.14 18w43a The textures of droppers have now been changed.
Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.14.0 build 1 Added droppers.
v0.15.0 build 1 Droppers can now be moved by pistons.
Bedrock Edition
1.10.0 beta The textures of droppers have now been changed.
Legacy Console Edition
TU19 CU7 Patch 1 Added droppers.
The textures of droppers have now been changed.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0 Added droppers.

Fox Transfer Factory 2020

4.0 out of 5 star rating

2020 Fox Transfer 175mm dropper post. Russell Burton

  • Price: £438 / $409 / AU$658 / €498 (including lever)
  • Weight: 646g
  • Stroke length (* tested): 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm*
  • Diameters (* tested): 30.9mm, 31.6mm*
  • Max length: 505.7mm
  • Internal length: 298.5mm

If you can afford it, Fox’s Transfer is a robust, sweet-performing post that can be switched between internal and external routing.

It uses a typical hook-ended actuator lever design, but cable clamping and cutting are done at the lever end, making it a much easier process.

The light-action remote lever is available in under-bar shifter style or vertical ‘universal’ format too. You do have to buy that separately at £69 on top of the £369 post cost, which seems steep given its average, wobbly-from-new design.

Fox recently announced the addition of a 175mm stroke length post to the Transfer lineup, which is compatible with the Race Face 1x lever, and the new post and remote will cost the same as the other length models.

The function is silky-smooth though, with excellent speed and position control. Every Transfer we’ve used has stayed that way indefinitely, no matter how bad the conditions or minimal the maintenance.

That makes the high price a reasonable investment, and the Performance version skips the gold Kashima coating of the Factory post to save £50. You can even switch to external operation using an actuator at the collar.

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В современной реальности существуют вариации пневматических подседельных штырей, в зависимости от требований покупателя.

По типу приведения в действие механизма

В данный момент на рынке существует четыре основные разновидности типов приведения в действие механизма пневматических подседельных штырей:

  1. Расположение рычага, приведения в действие механизма, под седлом. Это наиболее бюджетный вариант конструкции. На фоне остальных разновидностей, этот вариант наименее удобный в использовании. А учитывая стремительное снижение стоимости пневматических дропперов, подседельное расположение рычага практически вытиснилось с рынка другими конструкциями;
  2. Рычаг управления нарульный с гидролинией. В данном случае рычаг выглядит как курок переключения скоростей и располагается там же – на руле. Но, по аналогии с гидравлическими тормозами, имеет гидролинию, с помощью которой и приводит в действие клапан пневматического картриджа. Также не самое популярное решении, так как гидролиния имеет свои слабые места. Например, она имеет свойство завоздушиваться или же со временем терять качество масла, на основе которого она и работает. В обоих случаях необходима прокачка гидролинии с частичной или полной заменой масла. А это лишние заботы и затраты на обслуживание;
  3. Рычаг управления нарульный тросиковый. Наиболее востребованная вариация. Когда производители смекнули, что в данном случае на рычаг не прикладываются такие усилия, как на тормоза, поняли, что нецелесообразно вносить в конструкцию лишние усложнения в виде гидролинии;
  4. Новомодный, совсем недавно появившийся на рынке вариант – беспроводное управление дроппером. В данном случае на подседельном штыре устанавливается беспроводная система управления и аккумулятор, а на руль цепляется эргономичная беспроводная кнопка со своей батарейкой формфактора «таблетка». Крайне достойный тип управления. Но пока система совсем «молодая», потому стоимость таких дропперов крайне высока. На рынке она представлена несколькими пневматическими подседельными штырями: Magura Vyron eLECT и RockShox Reverb AXS.

По типу прокладки кабелей

Следующая стадия различий заключается в типе прокладки кабелей от рычага управления к пневматическому картиджу:

  1. Внешняя. Кабеля тянутся по внешней стороне рамы велосипеда. Не самый эстетически совершенный вариант. Но пока достаточно распространенный, потому как далеко не все производители конструируют рамы с внутренней прокладкой тросов;
  2. Внутренняя прокладка. Прокладка кабеля тянется внутри рамы и практически не видна снаружи, кроме части от рычажка до канавки рамы. Это решение более эстетичное и удобное. С каждым годом рам, поддерживающих внутреннюю проводку, становится все больше;
  3. Без кабелей. Этот вариант доступен на соответствующих пневматических подседельных штырях с беспроводным управлением. Самый крутой и самый дорогой.

По общей длине конструкции

Еще одно различие заключается в длине корпуса подседельного штыря. От которой, в свою очередь, косвенно зависит и максимальная длина хода выдвигаемого штока. При этом чем больше диапазон хода штока, тем больше длина корпуса дроппера ему необходима, но у дропперов с большой длиной корпуса не обязательно может быть большая длина хода штока.

Длина корпуса представленных на рынке моделей составляет от 295 мм. до 560 мм. Длина хода штока от 35 мм. до 210 мм.

По диаметру подседельной трубы

И наконец различие по диаметру подседельной трубы. Этот параметр присутствует и в обычных подседельных штырях.

В данный момент их существует 4 разновидности:

  1. 27.2 мм.;
  2. 30.9 мм.;
  3. 31.6 мм.;
  4. 34.9 мм..

Наиболее распространенные из них это 30.9 мм. и 31.6 мм.

9Point8 Fall Line

4.0 out of 5 star rating

9Point8’s Fall Line offers smooth action and adjustable return speeds. Immediate Media Co

  • Price: £379 / $349 as tested
  • Weight: 623g
  • Stroke length: 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm
  • Diameters: 30.9mm, 31.6mm
  • Max length: 455mm
  • Internal length: 245mm

One of the longest posts on the market, the Fall Line is light and loaded with great features, but we’ve had irritating leakage issues with our samples.

The ‘DropLoc’ cable shuttle needs to be set up exactly right, but having the cable anchored at the lever end makes it easier, and once you’ve got it sorted the whole mechanism can be unscrewed for easy removal/refitting.

There’s a wide range of stroke lengths, with super-long 175mm and 200mm versions available for an extra £40. It’s both lightweight and short for its travel.

The saddle clamp features large titanium bolts for security and separate angle adjustment, and there’s a layback head option for £35.

Whether you choose the ‘universal’ remote or the sweetly-machined shifter-style ‘Digit’ unit seen here, the action is very smooth. Return speed can be altered and stop-point modulation is excellent.

The 9point8 post has a great reputation for reliability too, although we’ve had gradual pressure leakage problems.

Сферы применения

Как уже упоминалось ранее, есть ряд велосипедных дисциплин, где важна универсальность велосипеда, а не только максимальная легкость или максимальная жесткость. Например, в кросс-кантри заездах, трассы проходят по пересеченной местности. В пределах одной трассы встречается ряд различных препятствий, для которых неплохо было бы иметь возможность налету менять посадку, для комфортного их преодоления и для экономии драгоценных секунд. Тоже самое с трейл и эндуро дисциплинами. Маршрут который может пролегать не только вниз по трейлу (тропинке), а и с затяжными апхиллами (подъемами) во время того, как райдеры добираются до желаемого спуска.

А как известно, для комфортного преодоления подъема и экономии «жизненного ресурса» коленных суставов, необходимо это делать с поднятым седлом. Таким способом меняется посадка – смещая центр тяжести к рулю, разгружаются колени, повышается усилие на педалирование.

При спуске же с уклона наоборот – седло опускается, повышая маневренность наездника, давая возможность смещать центр тяжести за седло. В случае с исполняемыми элементами на трейле тоже самое, с поднятым седлом райдер практически обездвижен в плане свободы действий.

RockShox Reverb Stealth C1 with 1x remote

4.5 out of 5 star rating

The Reverb Stealth comes in 30.9, 31.6 and 34.9mm diameters. Andy McCandlish / Immediate Media

  • Price: £395 / $400 as tested
  • Weight: 516g (including remote and cable)
  • Stroke length (* tested): 100mm, 125mm, 150mm*, 170mm, 200mm
  • Diameters: 30.9mm, 31.6mm, 34.9mm
  • Max length: 519mm

The Reverb’s popularity comes as no surprise thanks to the number of different travel and diameters available. This latest iteration improves on reliability and reduces the post’s overall length and stack height, while keeping travel figures the same.

Plenty of accessories – including a bleed kit and MMX matchmaker system – are included in the box.

When previous iterations of the Reverb were slammed for top-stroke bounce issues, RockShox went back to the drawing board and added Vent Valve Technology to the latest model. This lets you ‘bleed’ the system of air if it starts to sag, without needing to attach syringes.

The latest Reverb appears to have hit the sweet-spot of performance, reliability and user serviceability.

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Data values[]


Java Edition:

Name Resource location Form Translation key
Dropper Block & Item
Name Resource location
Block entity

Bedrock Edition:

Name Resource location Numeric ID Form Translation key
Dropper Block & Item
Name Savegame ID
Block entity


See also: Data values

In Bedrock Edition, a dropper’s block data specifies its orientation and activation status:

Bits Values

A three-bit field storing a value from 0 to 5 specifying which direction the dropper is facing:

  • 0: Dropper facing down
  • 1: Dropper facing up
  • 2: Dropper facing north
  • 3: Dropper facing south
  • 4: Dropper facing west
  • 5: Dropper facing east
0x8 Set if dropper is activated.

Block states

See also: Block states

Java Edition:

Name Default value Allowed values Description
facing The direction in which contents are shot or dropped.The opposite from the direction the player faces while placing the block.
triggered True if this block is activated.

Bedrock Edition:

Name Default value Allowed values Description
facing_direction The direction in which contents are shot or dropped.The opposite from the direction the player faces while placing the block.
triggered_bit True if this block is activated.

Block data

A dropper has a block entity associated with it that holds additional data about the block.

Java Edition:

See also: Block entity format

  • Block entity data

    • Tags common to all block entities
    •  CustomName: Optional. The name of this container in JSON text component, which appears in its GUI where the default name ordinarily appears.
    •  Items: List of items in this container.

      • : An item, including the slot tag. Dropper slots are numbered 0-8 with 0 in the top left corner.

        • Tags common to all items
    •  Lock: Optional. When not blank, prevents the container from being opened unless the opener is holding an item whose name matches this string.
    •  LootTable: Optional. Loot table to be used to fill the dropper when it is next opened, or the items are otherwise interacted with.
    •  LootTableSeed: Optional. Seed for generating the loot table. 0 or omitted uses a random seed.
  1. ↑ Both loot table tags get removed once the items have been generated.

Bedrock Edition:

See Bedrock Edition level format/Block entity format.

KS LEV Integra

4.0 out of 5 star rating

On the bike, the infinite adjustment of the post was smooth and the return was controlled rather than gunshot fast. Andy McCandlish / Immediate Media

  • Price: £290 / AU$500 as tested
  • Weight: 484g (without remote and cable)
  • Stroke length (* tested): 100mm, 125mm*, 150mm, 175mm
  • Diameters: 27.2mm, 30.9mm, 31.6mm, 34.9mm
  • Max length: 450mm
  • Internal length: 250mm

KS’s LEV is light, well priced, flex-free, available in lots of options and more reliable than most of its rivals. It’s been on the market for a while now, so we’ve had plenty of time to work out what it is – and isn’t – good at.

Its large-diameter upper shaft means it flexes noticeably less than most posts when pedalling in longer lengths and on bikes with slack seat angles.

The low weight will appeal to XC/trail riders, and there’s even a 27.2mm version (100mm stroke) for hardtails and older frames. It’s got a smooth and easily controlled stroke with a solid top-out thunk that leaves no doubt that it has re-extended.

Pricing is okay too, with a 100/125mm model at £290, 150mm at £310 and 175mm at £340. KS’s shifter-style ‘Southpaw’ lever (£37 alloy, £59 carbon) is much nicer to use than the short ‘universal’ knuckle lever that comes as standard.

The way that the post extends if you pick the bike up by the saddle is a pet hate of some people. We do still occasionally get LEVs that need a nudge or pull to extend them too, but that’s less common than it used to be.

Our main criticism of the LEV is how the cable is mounted – it’s clamped at the post end instead of the lever. This means accurate cable tension and length is needed to get it working well and it takes longer to set up than posts where the cable is clamped at the remote end.

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The best dropper posts for mountain bikes in 2021

  • Crankbrothers Highline 7: £270
  • OneUp V2: £179/ $209
  • BikeYoke Revive 2.0: £299-£365
  • Bontrager Line Elite: £300 / $330 / AU$440 / €350
  • Brand-X Ascend II: £140 / $150 / AU$220 / €155
  • Brand-X Ascend XL: £170 / $180 / AU$275 / €190
  • Fox Transfer Performance Elite: £339 / $309
  • RockShox Reverb AXS: £700 / $800
  • RockShox Reverb Stealth C1 X1: £395 / $400
  • Vecnum NIVO 212 TRAVELFIT: €428
  • 9Point8 Fall Line: £379 / $349
  • Crankbrothers Highline XC/Gravel: £225 / $250 / AU$425 / €250
  • e*thirteen Vario Infinite: £200 / $209
  • Fox Transfer Factory 2020: £438 / $409 / AU$658 / €498
  • KS LEV Integra: £290 / AU$500
  • PNW Loam: £146 / $199 / €170
  • Syncros Duncan Dropper 2.0: £210 / $230
  • X-Fusion Manic: £220
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