Dragon’s dogma


For persons living or staying in and around the keep, see .

I hear the streets have emptied since the Dragon’s coming. I oft wonder what this place was like before. Would my own country grow so bare should the wyrm strike? Homes left empty as the people flee to safety.
Lord Julien

There are over 100 characters within the walls of Gran Soren. Some stay in one area all the time. Some wander between two or three areas. Many will leave the city at night, and a few will only be out at night. This lends the city a very dynamic feel, since the Arisen will encounter different people depending what time it is, and what part of the city they visit.

In addition to the city’s residents and visitors, Escort Missions for every person living outside of Cassardis will start from the notice board in the Union Inn here.

Gran Soren and the ruins of the city’s former outer fortifications from the Estan Plains (looking northeast)


Mostly found within the Noble Quarter :

  • Bawdwyn
  • Fancey
  • Jolette
  • Mellard
  • Pipa
  • Vanna
  • Willhem
  • also Fournival and his daughter Symone


  • Arsmith, Nettie, Marla — Arsmith’s Alehouse
  • Asalam, Emme, and Meridith — Union Inn
  • Caxton, and Gwine — Caxton’s Armoury
  • Camellia and Judith — Camellia’s Apothecary
  • Brice, Lena, Mathewe, Osip, Simond — Fountain Square stalls
  • Devyn — barber shop
  • Mountebank — the Black cat
  • Madeleine, travelling vendor
  • Fournival, merchant and businessman
  • Reynard, travelling merchant

Craftsmen and farmers

  • Austine, blacksmith and his son Wilhem
  • Carel, assistant
  • Garvin, blacksmith
  • Howlen, carpenter
  • Humphrauy, carpenter
  • Lucie, farmer
  • Josias, farmer

General citizenry

  • Abram
  • Agnes, Baudric’s friend
  • Amity
  • Baden
  • Cale
  • Cornelius
  • Danton
  • Frost
  • Hender
  • Isabel, Fournival’s servant
  • Jenlyns
  • Kassie
  • Nils
  • Pip, Sara and Jaspar’s son
  • Rychard
  • Sara, Jasper’s wife and Pip’s mother
  • Sylvie
  • Tomlin, boy, Ansell’s son
  • Vander


  • Barnaby, pawn guild
  • Baudric, mystick
  • Merrick, scholar
  • Steffen, magick scholar
  • Aric, Guston, Hobert- trouble causers
  • Katlyn, Martha, Milberowe, Pernill — street walkers

Slum dwellers

  • Aemelie
  • Hewrey
  • Philippa
  • Walter
  • Mason, temporarily
  • Ser Adraenn
  • Ser Aerick
  • Ser Alvert
  • Ser Auguste
  • Ser Basius
  • Ser Bayard
  • Ser Camillus
  • Ser Cyriac
  • Ser Fedor
  • Ser Folke
  • Ser Gauwyn
  • Ser Gregor
  • Ser Henning
  • Ser Hewrey
  • Ser Ivo
  • Ser Jakys
  • Ser Jareth
  • Ser Jovan
  • Ser Kestril
  • Ser Laurent
  • Ser Marcas
  • Ser Malkovich
  • Ser Mathys
  • Ser Maximilian, Wyrm Hunt Questgiver
  • Ser Nichol
  • Ser Raulin
  • Ser Raffe
  • Ser Sairus
  • Ser Vyctor


Gran Soren

The Venery, Aqueduct, the Slums, and a part of the Urban Quarter are destroyed, collapsing into and leaving open the expanded version of the Everfall.

The Everfall itself is drastically changed in structure (see Post-Dragon Everfall), and becomes host to monsters far more dangerous than previously seen, including Gorechimera, Evil Eye, Archydra and Liches, as well as the Ur-Dragon.

Chest loot in the entire city changes, and even some chests are displaced. Pieces of Gran Soren Rubble can be found in many spots, and also various amounts of Coin. Special wood bundles appear at the Fields. All the book piles are being wiped out from the entire area in turn (save for the one at Visitor’s Chamber in Duke’s Demesne).

Upon completion of the quest A Warm Welcome, the Arisen will also be branded a traitor by the Duke and will be attacked and pursued by the Guards if the Noble Quarter is entered.

Due to the upheaval, the residents not lost in the catastrophe move to other, safer, locations in the city:

  • Arsmith’s Alehouse is partially destroyed, but Arsmith himself and the Alehouse Notice Board are unaffected.
  • Mountebank (The Black Cat) moves in behind the alehouse.
  • Asalam (Union Inn) moves in to the Pawn Guild.
  • Devyn (The Barber Shop) is in a tent in the fields outside the Craftsman’s Quarter.
  • If Madeleine had not been forced to leave Gran Soren during the quest Bad Business, she will have moved to the Fields in Gran Soren.
  • Ser Alfonso moves from the Greatwall Encampment and sets up camp at a temporary Station room in the Field at the north gate.
  • If still alive and not in prison, Fournival will still walk from his house to the Black Cat once a day, but by a different route.


Some people will move to Cassardis after The Final Battle.

  • Madeleine will be in the inn if you rescued her during the quest Bad Business.
  • The rescued Beloved will move to your house in Cassardis.


The darkend daytime sky

Visibility throughout Gransys becomes poor, as the sky is dark even during the day. Additionally, fiercer and more dangerous monsters appear in several locations.

The road from Cassardis to Gran Soren is affected the worst:

  • Seabreeze Trail becomes infested with Grimgoblins and Hellhounds, and the Unusual Beach will be stalked by a Gorechimera.
  • The Manamia Trail and Cobal Coast will be free of Bandits and Wolves, but replaced by Giant Undead, Succubi, and Hellhounds.
  • Moonsbit Pass becomes home to Geo Saurians, a Golem, as well as Skeleton Lords, Skeleton Mages, and Skeleton Knights; a side gully through the pass now has an Ogre and Grimgoblins, replacing the bandits that once used it as hunting ground.
  • The roads through the Estan Plains are home to Hellhounds and Gargoyle, as well as a Drake en route to The Ancient Quarry entrance — the skies are full of Harpies as well as Succubae.


  • A Cockatrice spawns in place of a Griffin at the Eradication Site.
  • Three Cyclopes once again take over The Shadow Fort, together with some Goblins. A notice board quest leads the player deeper into the Proving Grounds than previously possible, leading to a Hydra.
  • Returning to The Tainted Mountain Temple, rubble blocks off part of the map, but two new treasure chests appear.

Additionally several locations now become the roost of Dragons:

  • A Drake will appear west of Gran Soren on the road heading to the Ancient Quarry mine.
  • A special Drake replaces the Goblins and Cyclopes at the Conqueror’s Sanctuary.
  • A special Wyrm takes over the large main chamber in The Watergod’s Altar.
  • A special Wyvern makes its home in the high altar at the Bluemoon Tower.
  • One Wyvern initially spawns right outside Gran Soren near Cape Pactforge until A Warm Welcome is completed and afterwards, the Conquest Road near Windbluff Tower.

The Everfall

The Post-Dragon Everfall is changed substantially on the death of Grigori, with it opening up and much of Gran Soren collapsing into it — it then becomes host to a variety of the fiercest monsters in several side chambers.


  • While walking to the Windbluff Tower from Gran Soren, three Gran Soren soldiers (Ser Tulius, Ser Rustom, and Ser Morrison) can be found across the bridge observing a dead Cockatrice. This foreshadows a later quest.
  • It is possible to both receive Julien’s Wizard’s Vizard and have Mercedes as one’s romance. The player must encounter Julien after receiving the magick shield and lower his affinity by attacking him or giving him Liquid Effluvium.
  • Completing this quest and The Wyrmking’s Ring will automatically start the next Royal Orders Quest called Honor and Treachery.
  • Ser Antonio, Ser Cashew, Ser Nevitt, Ser York and Estoni accompany Ser Mercedes in this quest, while Ser Macklyn and Ser Palotti serve as reinforcements.


The Old Gods

Sites evidencing worship of the Old Gods include The Catacombs (burials there are said to be made to the earth god); and The Watergod’s Altar (water deity, though the name is a modern invention). The Bluemoon Tower may also have been built to honour one of the Old Gods, according to legend: if true, then likely a sky or air god.

The Old Gods predate the Faith.

The Faith

The Faith is a monotheistic religion whose adherents pray to a god they call «The Maker».

The cathedral in Gran Soren is the highest ecclesiastical building in Gransys. There is also a chapel in Cassardis, and an Abbey served by nuns. The Grand Cathedral is in Auldring on the mainland.

The Gransys Abbey also functions as an orphanage.


Salvation is a nihilistic destruction cult which welcomes the coming of Dragons.

The «Testament of Hopeless Regret» was written by a prince suffering with fever caused by an infected eye injury obtained as a result of a Dragon’s attack; the prince was the son of a king of a state destroyed by the Dragon. The prince’s work stated that the world and the people in it needed to be purged by the Dragon, to be reborn anew. The prince subsequently died from the injury, and his work came to be printed with the symbol of a single eye — «the remaining eye». In time the work led to the creation of a secret society known as «Salvation».


Whilst summoning (indicated by the bright purple sigil) the Wight is much more susceptible to damage


  • In response to damage from magick and melee attacks Wights will often cast Silence and Torpor inducing spells respectively.
    • If the debilitated attacker continues to do damage the Wight will then respond with Maelstrom.
    • Wight starts Maelstrom casting with words ««From death comes peace!» and in the middle of casting follows with «From death comes freedom!».
  • When possible one can rid of minions by luring the Wight out of the summoning area — far from it the Wight cannot summon new minions too.


  • Head is the weak spot.
  • Weak against Holy enchanted weapons and spells.
  • Weak against Blunt weapons, including arrows.
  • Damage is greatly increased when using the Sickening Skull mace, and also by the Zombiebane magick shield.
  • Vulnerable to Silence and Torpor.
  • The creature takes more physical damage whilst intoning spells. Yet it is not more vulnerable to spells.
    • Roughly two to three times when casting Maelstrom.
    • Whilst summoning undead five times normal damage.
  • Has significantly lowered knockdown resistance while casting Maelstrom.
  • Once the summoned Undead

    In this state it is low enough for even Fighters to strike it.

    are defeated, the Wight will descend in order to summon new minions.

  • Dealing enough damage will knock the Wight out of the air, leaving them temporarily vulnerable on the ground.


Not only are Portcrystals the only placeable items in Dragon’s Dogma, they can also be used with Leaping Stone to jump to higher places, such as at tower within The Abbey

  • Placed Portcrystals can be picked up again and placed elsewhere an unlimited number of times.
    • Cannot be placed inside areas like cities, caves, dungeons, etc.
    • Cannot be placed anywhere within Bitterblack Isle.
    • Can only be placed in the outside (outdoor) world of Gransys.
  • Only 10 portable Portcrystals can be placed around the world at any one time.
  • Portcrystals can be forged, but a Portcrystal Forgery does not have the transversal properties of a real Portcrystal (i.e. it doesn’t work).
  • Deployed Portcrystals placed by the Arisen will remain where they are when New Game Plus is started.
  • Portcrystals picked up from the first play-through will respawn in New Game Plus, allowing the Arisen to collect them again.
  • Portcrystals can be gifted to other players.

Living things

Humans are the civilised inhabitants of the world. In addition to human-like Pawns, other semi-sentient lifeforms above the level of the beasts include Saurians and Goblins, both of which live in groups. Giant semi-humanoid creatures included the simple-minded, single-eyed Cyclops and excitable Ogres. (Early conceptions of the world suggest that Elves may exist, but none are known in Gransys.)

Beasts and birds include relatively peaceful Deer, Rabbits, Oxen, and Boar, Gulls and Crows, as well as mice and spiders which may grow to giant size in suitable environments and become dangerous. Dangerous flying creatures include harpies and gargoyles. In addition to the ogres and cyclops there are several species of generally highly-dangerous giant beasts, such as Griffin, Cockatrices and Chimera.

Beyond the world of the living, the dead can become animated as if alive: numerous types of undead folk, skeletons and liches are all known, as well as various incorporeal phantoms; all are dangerous creatures.


  • If the Arisen wishes to rapidly accumulate Experience Points early in the game, then fighting the Wight’s summoned minions whilst not killing the Wight allows this. Use Weal effect items to double experience gain. Unequip pawn’s bows and staves to prevent ranged attacks on the Wight.
  • Wights will re-spawn after around five in-game days.
  • In The Bloodless Stockade, it is not unheard of to see a Wight get stuck behind a pillar and an archway making it rather difficult to hit the main body with arrows. If this happens move closer and attack to cease its casting, or move away far enough so the Wight moves itself away from its cover.


  • Ophis is not bothered if the party includes males taken on escort quests.
  • Like all bandits, she likes Skulls as a gift. She also appears to enjoy gifts of Harspud Sauce, as a traveller.
  • Carrying Ophis’ Badge of Amity nullifies her dislike of males, enabling un-molested transit through the fort.
  • Slaying her pet Cyclops then talking to her gives dialog about those events whose news she received from Betiah.
  • (BUG) ps3, xbox360 In Dragon’s Dogma

    This can be fixed by attacking her with fists. Attacking her with weapons may kill her easily so it is advised to attack with bare hands. Deal some damage so players can carry her. Once carried, jump down from her castle and continue to carry her outside from her domain. Players can carry her to the area where the cyclops is located on the narrow passage. Drop her and she will just frown for carrying her like the other characters do. Once she does that, speak to her. When Ophis is outside from her domain, the game resets her status and does not become hostile to male characters. She only acts as a unique character when she is in the Heavenspeak Fort.

    it is possible for the players to have difficulties in speaking with Ophis. Ophis and her bandits may be hostile to the Arisen regardless if they and their party are dressed as females or after feeding Ophis’ cyclops, she may not prefer to speak with the Arisen, no matter what is done.

Dark Arisen

The reappearance of creatures is far more rapid on Bitterblack Isle than in Gransys. There are two more ways to encounter additional foes — via reentering the arena like areas Rotunda of Dread and The Black Abbey after a set of enemies has been killed; and also creatures that are attracted to the corpses of others — these are known as Necrophages.

For a list of the creatures found in the arena, see Rotunda of Dread and The Black Abbey.

Death, Garm, Elder Ogre, and Cursed Dragon

For a list of the types of Necrophages that can be lured in specific locations, see Necrophage.

How to Stun-lock Death in the Garden of Ignominy (Post-Daimon)

A level 51 Assassin (but with 51 levels of Strider) locks Death in a knockdown animation in Hard Mode.

Placing Rancid Bait Meat in certain areas attracts Necrophages — that is — either Death, Garm, Cursed Dragon, or an Elder Ogre.

In addition to the source of materials and experience, killing Cursed Dragons is an effective way to dragonforge equipment, with only the Ur-Dragon being more effective. Using bait meat in Duskmoon Tower (Pre-Daimon) will lure only a Cursed Dragon, making this a convenient location for dragonforging.


  • Exiting and re-entering an area with Rancid Bait Meat may cause a second necrophage to appear once the first has been destroyed.
    • Generally a third monster will not appear.
    • In the Post-Daimon Duskmoon Tower Cursed Dragons may appear even without bait. Pre-Daimon, Bait is required to lure a Cursed Dragon, killing the local fauna will not suffice to lure one.
    • Using Bait in Duskmoon Tower can cause up to three Cursed Dragons to appear.
    • After the bait has been used, and the monsters fought further baits in the same area will not work for a long time (~1 week) Exiting Bitterblack Isle, returning to Gransys, and sleeping for ~3–4 days before returning should allow further baits to work.
    • Leaving the area, saving and re-loading from the main menu will resume the bait mechanics.
  • When different necrophages can be baited in a designated area, the appearance depends on the present enemy set — this can be changed by exiting the labyrinth and re-entering it from Bitterblack Isle Harbor.


Daimon can be battled continuously after he has been killed for the first time, re-appearing whenever the Arisen enters the Bitterblack Sanctum. The four treasure chests within the Bitterblack Sanctum will also always be refilled after the battle.


Death, like Daimon, can be battled continuously in The Bloodless Stockade pre-daimon. He appears every time the Arisen enters. Certain vocations can exploit certain mechanics to slay death every encounter.

One way of doing this is by causing death to fall into the abyss: Lure Death to the fall of the water opposite the entrance to the Sparyard of Scant Mercy — the aim is to get it to teleport so that it is over the abyss (stand at the edge and face away from fall may help). This method is further detailed in the video below. Additional methods are also detailed.

Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen best XP farming spot 20,000,000 xp in 10 minutes

Detailing Death farming by Optinoob

It is advised to not bring pawns as they may interfere with deaths «aggro».

  • For all vocations able to use Blast Arrows it is possible to knock death into the abyss every encounter. Doing so forfeits all potential rewards barring Experience Points

    If the item drops are desired then simply slay death outright each encounter. With blast arrows it is possible to knock death down over and over again.

    . The video on the right provides a detailed guide.

  • For Magick Archers Ricochet Hunter

    Alternatively it is possible to knock him into the abyss through the use of Magickal Radiance.

    can be used to slay death in a single encounter and obtain his item drops.

  • Other vocations may have to fight death over multiple encounters. By exploiting his spawn patterns in the Bloodless Stockade you can kill him sooner than you otherwise would be able to.
  • Exit and re-enter to re-lure death for additional experience and/or item drops.
  • It is also possible to slay the creature using the abyss in the Arisens’ second encounter with it in the Fortress of Remembrance.

«Farming» Death is the fastest way of leveling up available.

Advanced Vocations

Advanced Vocations become available once the character reaches Level 10. New vocations can be chosen either with Asalam at the Union Inn, or in Dark Arisen, with Olra at Bitterblack Isle Harbor.


The Warrior is more offensively oriented than the Fighter, with less stamina and more Health. Warrior is second only to Mage in terms of low cumulative Stamina growth, which is an offset for high Health and Defense growth.

Health Stamina Attack Defense Magick Attack Magick Defense
Lv10+ 40 10 5 3 2 1
Lv100+ 5 15 2 2

Note: The official strategy guide lists the Health growth for warrior level 100+ as 15 Health; but in practice it is 5 Health 15 stamina per level at level 100+.


The Ranger foregoes the Strider’s balance for more Stamina and Attack but less defense and health. This vocation has the highest cumulative Stamina gains out of all vocations.

Health Stamina Attack Defense Magick Attack Magick Defense
Lv10+ 21 30 4 2 3 2
Lv100+ 5 15 2 1 1


The Sorcerer has the highest cumulative Magick Attack gains out of all vocations, which is paid for by low stamina, defense and Health.

Health Stamina Attack Defense Magick Attack Magick Defense
Lv10+ 16 15 2 1 5 5
Lv100+ 10 10 3 1

Pawn Status Travel Knowledge

Points of Interest Map (Points starred)Left — upper area. Right — lower (flooded)

  • When first entering the cavern, travel along the stream as far as possible — to where the stream descends through a crack in the rock down into a cave containing Saurians. Pawns will comment about the view and gain Travel Knowledge. Stay at the end of the stream until the pawns comment on the view.
  • Pawns may make a comment about being familiar with the area after crossing the drawbridge for the first time. 
  • Pawns may comment that they’ve learned of this area in the room with the lever for the lift.
  • The third star can come when the Arisen steps on the pressure plate to drain this partially flooded dungeon. If running leaps are used in order to bypass the locked door, it’s entirely possible for less than half the map to be revealed when Pawns earn their last location star for the Watergod’s Altar.
  • While the temple is still flooded, pawns may comment if you go down the stairs on the right before the bridge (to the water’s edge with the ladder), which triggers area knowledge. If you’re missing the third star after thoroughly exploring the entire temple repeatedly, this is most likely the one missing piece and will have to be gained in NG+ or with another player.

Pawn Chatter


«A cave entrance hides behind the falls.»


«Scholars of the Faith gave the Watergod’s Altar its name, not long ago.»
«‘Twas a place of worship and training, once, for clerics of the old gods.»
«Or so they say. In truth, no one knows for sure who built this place, or why.»

Pawn Travel Knowledge

Gran Soren viewed from Moonshower Cliffs (looking north)

  • The Gran Soren Port Crystal array is the easiest location knowledge star to obtain if a pawn has never been to Gran Soren before. Otherwise, entering the front gate the first time, usually together with the award of the achievement/trophy The Courier, does this. The front gate’s knowledge area is large:
    • The door of the barber shop is a knowledge flag and often triggers a comment and knowledge star.
    • The fountain square where the market is often grants a knowledge comment and star if it was not triggered at the gate. Sometimes this happens on a rental if it was not obtained upon initial arrival.
  • The Union Inn is another flag to trigger.
  • Visiting the tree in front of the Gran Soren Cathedral

    More specifically, the spot between the tree, cathedral door and wall of the Duke’s Demesne trigger’s the flag and accompanying comment «This city has a church as well?».

    triggers a knowledge flag.

  • Accessing the rooftops using the ladder near The Black Cat and travelling to the buildings north of the Venery map marker grants one star.


Face to face with a Wyrm

«The wyrm is a subject of deepest interest… It is possessed of strength and intellect in equal share, and a crystalline instinct to rival all other beasts, no doubt. A perfect mage, truly. The power it must hold is beyond reckoning.» — Steffen

The Wyrm is one of three species of lesser Dragons, along with the Drake and Wyvern. Wyrms share many characteristics in common with their cousin species, however the Wyrm rarely flies but is a powerful spellcaster, able to repeatedly and rapidly incant strong spells such as Bolide. Whilst the Drake has an affinity to fire and the Wyvern to lightning, the Wyrm is strong in the ice element. This makes them vulnerable to fire based spells and weapons.

Defeating a Wyrm has a chance of dragon forging the Arisen’s equipment as long as that equipment has at least one level of enhancement.

On Bitterblack Isle are more dangerous Wyrms known as Frostwyrms.

Pawn Chatter

Main shaft

«The world we knew is but a single leaf upon a vast tree…»
«‘Tis fearsome deep… Fit to pierce the very heart of the world.»
«‘Tis shaft is the axis along which all turns… ‘Tis the source.»
«We stand at the threshold to truth, and all beyond it…»
«We fall, and fall beyond…»
«We stand at the trunk of all the branching worlds. The very root…»


«Are we truly trapped here? Left to wander for all time…»
» ‘Tis the fate of all pawns who lose their masters.»
«What… What is this place?
«They wander still, bereaved.»
«This place feels like no other I’ve known… Stay vigilant, Arisen.»


I am but a wandering merchant. And yet I witnessed something absolutely incredible with my own two eyes! Behind a giant waterfall there is an entrance to a secret cave! Etched on a stone nearby was an ancient emblem, perhaps a symbol for one of the old gods. I remember my mother once told me that the Watergod is one of the gods worshipped by an old religion long before our time in the region of the Pike. The altar looks man made, built around the flow of water. I heard strange noises afoot down there, and I will not return for fear of the creatures who may reside beyond. My curiosity is strong, but not so strong as to blind me to the fact that whatever lurks within the altar is not interested in buying what I’m selling.

The Watergod’s Altar is a cave and temple complex behind the Man Swallowing Falls. It is located to the west of The Mountain Waycastle. The system consists of seemingly natural tunnels, many of which have running water throughout, plus a decayed two-levelled temple within the mountain.

Initially the lower level is flooded and must be drained in order to explore the entire area — a task usually undertaken in conjunction with the eponymous quest The Watergod’s Altar. The lower level is accessed by stairs and ladders, as well as a raisable and lowerable drawbridge, operated by the Watergod’s Altar Lever — at the approximate centre of the lower level is Water’s Bottom.

At the far end of the temple area is a large pillared hall, known as the Offering Chamber.

It seems that this temple is much decayed — walls are broken down, the floor of the upper central chamber has collapsed into the lower area around Water’s Bottom. There are also signs of rough tunnelling, such as leading from Water’s Bottom through a largish cavern up to the Offering Chamber through a broken hole in that chamber’s walls. It is not known what created these tunnels — either man, beast, or natural forces.


The upper tunnels and initially unflooded parts are infested with numerous Giant Bats, Rats, Snakes and Saurians, as well as Skeleton Mages, Skeletons, Skeleton Knights and a pair of Sulfur Saurians — the far Offering Chamber is home to a large Cyclops.

Draining the initially flooded area centred on Water’s Bottom will reveal further Skeleton Knights, Skeleton Mages, and Phantasms. A natural side cave in the lower levels contains a small Cyclops. Prior to draining the lower levels, the water is deep enough to be home to the Brine.

In Post-Game, the large Cyclops in the Offering Chamber is replaced by a Wyrm.


The Dragonforged is found in a cave under a set of standing stones at Hillfigure Knoll, in the Northface Forest. He is accompanied at all times, and only by his faithful pawn The Fool, who has come to closely resemble him. Supposedly a man who faced a dragon long ago, he is the only man who knows how to read Dragonspeak.

The Dragonforged is an Arisen from long ago — he created the warrior drawing on Hillfigure Knoll to draw Arisen to him, and seeks to guide any Arisen who come to him. A headless spear and shield can be seen in his cave, and on the knoll itself can be found the Signs of Valor, former spearheads used as daggers — it seems that all these were once the Dragonforged’s weapons, and the drawing on the hill likely depicts himself.

An Arisen also, his arms are burnt black — likely the reason for his namesake of «Dragonforged» is that his hands and legs underwent the process.

There are very few who know of the existence of this man and none knows the truth of his identity. There is only one thing that they know for sure about this puzzling individual: he knows more than anyone else living about dragons.His name and his ties are unknown. Equally mysterious is how he came to possess his considerable familiarity with dragons. However he came about it, the breadth of his knowledge is undeniable. He knows things that no person on the earth should know.No one else can say if the things which he says are true. Some consider him to be nothing but a fabricator of myths and lies. Still he does seem to know something about dragons and so—since his connection with the terrible beasts was the only fact that anyone alive knew about him—he came to be known only as the Dragonforged.
The Dragonforged’s Tale.



Distance Damage RelativeDamage *
0-10m High 100%
11-25m Moderate 96%
26-30m Low 72%
31-90m Very Low ~60%
* Figures are approximate
  • Being close to one’s target maximizes a shortbow’s damage output, unlike the Ranger’s Longbow:
    • When facing enemies with good defence the choice of optimum range may magnify the differences in damage, with only arrows at the most optimum doing significant damage.
    • The core skill Loose as well as other offensive bow skills such as Fivefold Flurry have a distance-damage relationship.
  • Skull Splitter and its variants is an exceptionally powerful offensive skill. Despite being an aerial attack the augment Eminence does not activate during the jump — however if used in conjunction with Vault, Double Vault or Leaping Stone the augment attack boost will activate.
  • An upgraded Rusted Bow in combination with multi arrow skills is very useful in inflicting Torpor on enemies — once torpored a more powerful bow can be equipped. For more details see Rusted Weapons.
  • Strider is a fast climber with low stamina drain whilst clinging.
    • Scarlet Kisses, Hundred Kisses, or Thousand Kisses can be used whilst climbing foes.
    • For more details see Climb.
  • Cutting Wind is excellent for dodging and for attacking fast enemies like Hellhounds. The move will auto-lock on the nearest enemy if the control stick is not aimed in a specific direction. This skill is extremely effective on any enemy bearing a Shield or Magick Shield, as it will strike the unguarded rear flank on the return pass.
  • Downpour Volley is effective at striking the heads of foes, which are often weak points.
  • Instant Reset can be used to cancel out animations to rapidly repeat attacks like Brain Splitter, or to quickly stand back up after being knocked down. It can also be used for rapidly turning on and off the Lantern when the Arisen gets drenched.
  • Ensnare or Implicate work well against any foe smaller than (and including) Saurians, including Harpies and Hellhounds. It’s a quick way to pull them toward you or Pilfer as they hold them down.
  • Sprint can be used to quickly close the distance between you and an enemy or to escape as well. It also serves as a slide when the Heavy Attack button is pressed, enabling you to slide under a much larger foe or trip a smaller foe, causing them to fall over. This is the dropkick maneuver Ogres are known to use.


  • The Catacombs may be explored at any time, even before the quests Seeking Salvation and Rise of the Fallen.
  • Falls down the lift shaft pit are always fatal (even when mitigating Fall Damage with Skull Splitter). However a fall from the upper to lower level onto the lowered lift plate is relatively safe but painful.
  • The Catacombs teem with Undead — any form of Holy based weapon or magic is recommended. Fire is almost equally as effective.
  • There is a hidden room on the First Floor of the Catacombs, which pawns will draw attention to — vocations with limited jumping skills can make use of a nearby indestructible crate to gain access to the room via a broken high wall section.
  • A number of the Sarcophagi are booby trapped and may inflict Curse upon opening.
  • The underground geography does not line up with the overground exits — the exit from the 3rd Level Underground (usually first found during Seeking Salvation) should be far to the west of the exit under the bridge near Gran Soren — almost under the Wilted Forest in fact.

The Dragon’s Dogma Official Design Works (p.291) says that it was used to bury the victims of a plague.

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

  • Ogre Strategy Vol. 1 — Climb the Ogre while it is not guarding and pull it to the ground.
  • Ogre Strategy Vol. 2 — Ogres are more vulnerable while chasing their prey.
  • Attack the head, it is a weak spot.
  • Ogres will notice climbers on its back and do a back suplex to crush them under it. Getting hit by or avoiding this move may grant knowledge.
  • Weak to Sleep.

Enemy Specific:

  • Weak to Fire.
  • Having a Female in the party gets the Ogre excited, its cheeks and buttocks flush red. It then targets and chases that Female without paying any attention to other party members.

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it is necessary for Pawns to participate in killing 50 Ogres either with their own Arisen or while travelling with others.

More information can be found on the Bestiary page.

Pawn Chatter

«The sight of women excites it!»
«Counter after it strikes!»
«Take care when scaling its back!»
«Its brute strength is deadly!»
«‘Tis more vicious than a Cyclops!»
«Their raw power makes them a threat»
«Careful, they’re fast for all that muscle»
«An Ogre… Of all the poor luck…»
«Grab hold and pull it down!»
«‘Tis flushed red with anger!»
«Its kind loves women above all. Be ready.»
«It hungers for humans. Women, most of all.»
«Its kind targets women over all others!»
«Stay ready. It will come at women first!»
«I’ll drag it to the ground when it attacks!»


Maul is the leader of the south-western bandits called the Iron Hammer Bandits and is located in The Ruins of Aernst Castle. He is initially non-hostile, but attacking him will cause him to attack the Arisen in turn, and also make all other bandits in the castle hostile.

Maul values a strong will above all else, and is interested in the Arisen’s actions. Despite being a gruff bandit leader, Maul seems to have a soft spot for children, and can show compassion, as witnessed by his actions towards Pike.


Maul wears parts of various Barbarian Armor Sets to show he’s an intimidating leader. He wields the weapons of a Ranger but wears the equipment befitting a Warrior.

  • Plain Longbow (no daggers)
  • Barbarian Chief’s Helm,
  • Scale Coat
  • Grisly Bracers
  • Chainmail Bracers
  • Brown Leathers
  • Feral Cape

He may gift a Maul’s Badge of Amity if a bond is made with him, but one cannot be obtained by defeating him — instead killing him will get the Arisen a Giant Coin Pouch.

Maul has the same elemental weaknesses as a bandit of the assassin class, but with the high health of warrior — his physical defense however is relatively low. He is a ranger, and in combat Maul is likely to use Gamble Draw.

Stats Health Attack Defense MagickAttack MagickDefense Weight
5200 ? 120 ? 270 ?
RelativeDamageTaken Slash Bash Fire Ice Thunder Holy Dark
130% 130% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%
Sources: Dragon’s Dogma — ドラゴンズドグマ & Dark Arisen (www10.atwiki.jp), the ‘Dragon’s Dogma Signature Series Guide’ and in-game testing.


«This nimble warrior can both mount and attack foes, and use a bow to strike from afar.»

Striders are a high dexterity vocation focused on swift and powerful melee strikes, along with close range arrow attacks. Their primary Weapons are a pair of Daggers, supported by a Shortbow. For armor Striders generally wear Light Armor Sets, or similar non-set components — their armor requires a trade off between defense and mobility — custom arm armor leaves one hand unrestricted for easy use of the bow.

Striders are uniquely fast climbers and are very well suited to attacking giant creatures directly. When climbing their stamina use is one third less of all other vocations, and they gain a damage boost when climbing certain giant foes. They can also hold their own on the front lines, relying on fast movement and dodges to evade enemy attacks. Their shortbows are best suited to arrow strikes at short distances, and lose power rapidly at distance.

Striders have balanced growth as they gain experience, with stamina development being notably high — suited for their energy sapping quick attacks. They lack magick and all their attacks are based around physical strength.

Additionally they have a variety of skills to trap, stun, and trick foes, and are the only vocation than can steal from other creatures.

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