Attack on titan 2 скачать торрент

Hydra Strike[]

A technique that functions similar to the vector strike. Can work on titan of all sizes, just depends on how you use it.

Known Damage: 4000+

Difficulty: 5-7/10
(All depends on players ability)


  1. Approach the titan with a good amount of speed in the air
  2. Hook the titan’s chin or the neck (best)
  3. Hold your attack and wait for an opening
  4. Reel in and release your attack
  5. You can either keep your hook on the titan, adjusting your directions, or immediately release and move on to the next unfortunate target.

Tip: Although this doesn’t require a reel rebind program, it can be encouraged as it increasing your chances of landing

It is also recommended that you fly flat when executing this, however it can still be landed with proper hook adjustment. Sometimes, you must to adapt to the situation at hand. If cannot find an opening, you can reel in and immediately release. This is only to be used in desperate conditions. If you find that you cannot land a cut, you can use it’s second variation.

Accelerated Spiral Strike

Executed when you miss a hydra strike, but can be used intentionally for very high damage.(credit to AbesAOTTG)

Known Damage: 6000+(If performed at ridiculously high speeds)

Difficulty: 9.5/10


1.(from 4 of the Hydra Strike tutorial) When missed, circle the titan once more

2. Look for an opening

3. Reel in again once more attacking

4. Repeat until you hit the nape

This technique however, is hard to perform as if you miss by too far and travel too fast, your chance of landing it are VERY slim if you can’t do a flat spin or be close to a flat spin.

The popular browser fan game for AoT

Attack on Titan Tribute Game is a free action video game that lets you experience taking down the monstrous Titans. Developed by Feng Lee, this is a 3D browser fan game based on the popular Attack on Titan series. However, you can’t play the original version anymore since the servers are gone. You can now only play its active mods and the final Beta version released since the developer is creating Attack on Titan Tribute Game 2.

The fight for humanity’s survival

Attack on Titan—also known as “Shingeki no Kyojin”— is a 2009 Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It follows the story of Eren Yeager, who becomes a member of the Scout Regiment of his nation to destroy all Titans—gigantic humanoid creatures that eat humans—after his mother is devoured by one. The popularity of the series helped spawn a successful anime adaptation in 2013 and the succeeding years. Additionally, several video games were based on it.

However, there wasn’t a lot of them during the first few years of the anime’s success. Thus, when Attack on Titan Tribute Game came out and can be freely played on web browsers, it became an instant hit with the fans. Its main glaring issue was the quality of the graphics and cheap-looking 3D models. For the fans who were still waiting for an official AoT game, though, that was hardly a real problem that could deter their enjoyment. 

The fan game’s main selling point was its gameplay with the use of the iconic 3D maneuver gear. With it, your character could jump to incredible heights, zip around in mid-air, perform amazing flying stunts and somersaults, and get close enough to Titans to easily take them out. The gameplay’s entire vibe was similar to that of the high-octane action portrayed in the anime adaptation so that added to the game’s popularity. 

Is Attack on Titan Tribute Game free?

That’s not the only selling point for this fan game. Another is that it’s completely free and can be played on browsers. However, after several years of no active development, its old servers have finally shut down. Plus, the Unity Web Browser plugin could no longer be downloaded. Only a few selected browsers can still support the game. The most stable version you can play is the Beta version that was the final release for AOTTG

This is technically an unfinished version of Attack on Titan Tribute Game as the developer started working on the sequel, Attack on Titan Tribute Game 2 or AOTTG2. Still, the Beta version can be played and had even included some features from the more popular and approved AOTTG mods like the RC Mod. It offers an in-game map editor, two new difficulty levels called Dummy and Easy, and some in-game Titan characters like the Female Titan.

A great inspiration

Attack on Titan Tribute Game has left a great legacy for the series’ fans. While it’s not the best in terms of visuals and even proper controls, the gameplay it offered provided fans the fun they were looking for in the early years of Attack on Titan’s fame. You can still play it but don’t expect any more major updates coming. Luckily, there are other games similar to this, like Attack on Quest for VR.

D — Gyro Edit[]

This method is done using Levi’s skill.

Known Damage: 1500+

Difficulty: 7/10


1. Move in a left or right direction from your location while locking on a titan, then grapple on to its shoulders.

2. If possible, gain enough speed until you reach around 70 meters (shown in crosshair) near the titan. In this position, you should be around 45° from the direction of the titan (with 0° being the direction the titan is facing).

3. With the angle achieved, release the hook/s so that you’ll still continue going forward.

4. Quickly use Levi’s skill while passing the shoulders of the titan.

5. Levi’s grapple will immediately change your direction, from forward, to a circular motion. The spin attack will kill the titan instantly.

NOTE: Levi’s skill will not or may not work sometimes due to the wrong angle or speed (depending on your trajectory)

Отсутствует DLL-файл или ошибка DLL



Ошибка d3dx9_43.dll, xinput1_2.dll,
x3daudio1_7.dll, xrsound.dll и др.

Все ошибки, в названии которых можно увидеть










лечатся одним и тем
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веб-установщиком исполняемых библиотек DirectX


MSVCR120.dll, VCRUNTIME140.dll, runtime-x32.dll и др.

Ошибки с названием




лечатся установкой
библиотек Microsoft Visual C++ (узнать, какая именно библиотека нужна можно в системных

Избавляемся от ошибки MSVCR140.dll / msvcr120.dll / MSVCR110.dll и
других DLL раз и навсегда

Очень часто стал замечать, что люди плачут об ошибках «запуск программы невозможен, так как
на компьютере отсутствует MSVCR120.dll». Это встречается…

Blinding Spin | Blinding Shot[]

The Blinding Spin is a technique used to take down Large and Medium sized titans. This skill is used only by a few players, mostly beginners because it requires less practice and is easier to pull off. Formula 1 is a reliable way for beginners and veterans to kill titans due to the ease of use of Levi’s special. However, using Levi’s skill may fail due to the required precise timing.

Formula Level: Beginners and Veterans

Blinding Spin Formula 1 (Levi’s Skill) (Step By Step) (80% Guaranteed Hit)

  1. Hook right to the titans eyes
  2. Use Levi’s special skill
  3. Wait for the titan to protect it’s eyes
  4. Hook really fast to the back
  5. Wait for the titan to do it’s normal attack
  6. After its normal attack Levi’s skill will have regenerated. Hook really fast right to the titans nape and use Levi’s Special to take it down.

Sometimes you can press F for the chosen character to become steady when hitting the titan’s nape.

Blinding Spin Formula 2 (Any Skill) (Step By Step)

  1. Hook right to the titans eyes
  2. Hit the titans eyes right it the middle
  3. Wait for the titan to touch it’s eyes
  4. Hook really fast at the back
  5. Wait for the titan to do it’s normal attack
  6. After it’s normal attack really fast hook right to the titans nape and use the normal human attack to take it down

Target: Female Titan (AHSS Gun) Edit[]

Known Damage: 700+ (Knee)

500+ (Nape)

Difficulty: 7/10


1. Build up as much speed as possible (similar to the sword technique) while maintaining distance.

2. Hit her ankle while your speeding up, with ONE (1) bullet.

3. If she falls, immediately reload your barrels then go to her behind.

4. Similar to the sword technique Get above her, but this time, around 70 meters.

5. Gas up until your completely aligned with her nape. While doing this, hold the right mouse button, and don’t release it just yet.

6. Quickly hook to her nape, and release the right mouse button when you are in range of her. But you must be very fast, or else you’ll lose the opportunity.

Ready for Battle

Founders: Assyrian and Jazz

Ready for Battle was founded on the 3rd of August in 2014 by Assyrian and Jazz. Since that moment the guild has started to grow rapidly. The guild is based around Europe and hosts it’s servers under the name «RfB». While RfB plays all types of games in AoTTG, it’s all-time favourite has always been «Players vs Player Titans». Many friendly PvT matches have been held, as RfB issued a challenge on the forums. Ready for Battle have also made an appearance on the competitive stages and won the AoTTG Wolf Winter Games of 2015.

We are in general a bunch of fun crazy people, playing multiple games together. It’s never boring around us! Feel free to greet us, should you spot our guild tag around! Also make sure to visit one of our servers, we won’t bite! 😉

The Ready for Battle logo.


Вам в игре не только нужно будет заниматься уничтожением таких коварных и злобных исполинов, вам еще нужно приложить максимум усилий, чтобы модернизировать свое оружие. Эти твари так и норовят вас истребить, поэтому, чем больше оружия в игре вы получите, тем больше шансов у вас будет уничтожить этих мерзких громадных созданий. Игра предусматривает лишь только одиночный режим прохождения, поэтому в ваших силах самому попытаться избавиться от целых орд кровожадных исполинов. Стена, которую создали ваши герои, вот-вот- может пасть, поэтому еще старайтесь находить как можно больше предметов для укрепления вашего оборонительного сооружения

В игре Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom, скачать торрент которой возможно бесплатно, посетив наш игровой сайт, есть еще много нюансов и фишек, на которые вы, как пользователь, должны обратить свое внимание

Inverted Correctional(Adv.)[]

This technique can be performed on any titan, it just depends on your skill level. This cannot be perfected easily, as pros even have a difficult time doing it. However, there are basic steps you can follow to increase your chances of landing the cut. What you are trying to do, is to swing around a tree over and over again, the objective is to catch the titan’s nape in one of these rotations. Note that you can’t do it if you have a really low velocity.

Known Damage: 5000+

Difficulty: 9/10

AbesAOTTG’s setup:

Tip: When you are going at higher speeds, you reel out more.

1.Hook a tree and make your spin height be equal to the neck height of a titan and hold your attack.

2.Wait for the titan to come closer to you until the next spin will make you be at the titan’s nape and make sure to release your attack before you come close to the titan in your next spin (depends on the speed you are moving).

3.If the titan is close but you’re next spin won’t make it to the titan’s nape, you reel out on your current spin and like number 2 time your attack.

However, you may need to correct your rotation. This is where the reelingc comes in; you reel in to correct your rotations, and if you pass by the face of the titan you can be almost certain that you will hit it.

Ошибка DirectX в Attack on Titan Tribute Game (AoTTG)

«DirectX Runtime Error»




  • Первым делом необходимо установить «чистую» версию драйвера вашей видеокарты (то
    есть не стоит сразу спешить устанавливать тот же GeForce Experience, ничего лишнего
    от AMD и аудио).
  • При наличии второго монитора попробуйте отключить его, а также отключите G-Sync и
    любые другие виды дополнительных/вспомогательных устройств.
  • Воспользуйтесь средством проверки системных файлов для восстановления повреждённых
    или отсутствующих системных файлов.
  • В случае если используете видеокарту от Nvidia, тогда попробуйте включить


    в панели управления видеокартой.
  • Часто причиной ошибки служит перегретая видеокарта, поэтому для проверки её
    работоспособности рекомендуем воспользоваться программой


    . Если это оказалось действительно так, тогда следует
    понизить частоту видеокарты.

  • Если вдруг столкнулись с другими ошибками, тогда рекомендуем переустановить DirectX,
    но перед этим лучше на всякий случай удалить старую версию (при этом обязательно
    удалите в папке перед переустановкой все файлы начиная с






Founder: prostopopez

Russian-speaking Guild founded by prostopopez at 12 Aug 2015. This Guild from creation was the most active in the Russian-speaking community. GAddess was always ranked in the top guilds in Russian community ( achievements ). Also, members of this Guild have participated in many Guild Battles, Statistics of wins/losses of the Guild at the beginning of 2018 — 62/24 ( 72% of wins ). Every player has his own statistics with his Forest 3 10min run best and other personal bests …

Also, guild participated in few world/local tournaments, usually Blade PvP, sometimes kills/racing. Also organized own tournaments, for example, «AoTTG Arena Championship» — . Right now guild taking part in «The Last Winter» Tournament. Also, the Guild has its own system of achievements and activity log.


prostopopez, VelikiyKrist, Arumin, xanzo_xattor, Himera, Nami, skill, Babushka, Rexha, Patap, Demer, Cat, Rexha, Patap, Demer, Cat, Syorito, Kosuke.

Example of activity log:

20.10.2017 — passed Forest 3 Normal Full VelikiyKrist Cat prostopopez xanzo_xattori RexhaNami Inanis Demer
20.10.2017 — passed Forest 3 Hard Full VelikiyKrist Cat prostopopez xanzo_xattori RexhaNami Inanis Demer
20.10.2017 — passed Forest 3 Abnormal Full VelikiyKrist Cat prostopopez xanzo_xattori RexhaNami Inanis
20.10.2017 — passed Forest 2 Normal Full Patap VelikiyKrist Cat prostopopez xanzo_xattoriRexha Nami Inanis
21.10.2017 — passed Forest 2 Hard Full xanzo_xattori Cat prostopopez Rexha Nami Arumin
29.10.2017 — passed Forest 2 Abnormal Full Cat prostopopez Arumin Himera Rexha
03.11.2017 — passed Forest 4 Normal Full Cat prostopopez Himera Rexha Nami

The Game Review

Attack on Titan Tribute game offers both single-player and multiplayer modes. In the single-player mode, players get to choose a specific character after which they are given a mission to clear the city by killing numerous titans. Players have the option to choose from a number of characters including:

  • Mikasa Ackerman,
  • Levi Ackerman,
  • Marco Bott,
  • Jean Kristen,
  • Petra Ral,
  • Eren Jaeger,
  • Sasha Blouse,
  • and Armin Arlert.

Each of these characters has special abilities which the players can use to defeat the titans. Mikasa has the ability to directly thrust her swords, killing everything that it touches. Levi can spin in the air, slicing everything that comes within his reach.

Marco has the power to directly attract all nearby titans, forcing them to come towards him. Jean’s special is a vertical chop which enables him to save himself from the clutches of any titan.

One of the most popular characters of the game, Eren, has an interesting ability to transform into a titan, giving him an extra boost of power and speed for a limited amount of time. Sasha’s unique ability gives her extra speed which is helpful in terms of both offense and defense.

Lastly, Armin’s ability to dance distracts the titans, giving him a chance to kill them directly by attack the nape. The game does very well to emulate the characters from the original anime by linking their characteristics to their special abilities in the game.

In the multiplayer mode, the players can either team up or compete against one another on a single map. The multiplayer mode has the option for players to choose between either the titans or humans.

Once the sides are chosen, a battle takes place between the antagonists and protagonists. The aim of the antagonists is to kill their opponents whereas the players who play the titans are required to grab and kill the antagonist character. The team with the highest points at the ends gets to win the battle.

Attack on Titan Tribute Game is very similar to another game based on the same anime series called Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom. Although the Tribute Game has very limited graphics capabilities compared to Wings of Freedom, both the games are built with the same mechanics which involves taking down titans.

Overall, Attack on Titan Tribute Game is a very addicting game to play at first. However, repetition of the same gameplay and pattern can cause the players to eventually lose interest. The ability to play as both the Titans and Human characters makes the game fun and competitive to play.

Attack On Titan Tribute Game
Attack on Titan Tribute Game is an action title inspired by a popular anime series. Download it and slay the giant titans.

Total Score

User Rating: 3 (6 %s votes)


A jumper about to eat Mikasa in mid-air

Jumpers have the same abilities as Aberrants, but they can jump very high. Since the jumper is able to jump, they are even more dangerous than aberrants. If you get hit by the jumper’s mouth while it’s jumping you will immediately die. There are no physical differences shared between them and aberrants so the only two ways to differentiate them from others is to either view them jump or to look at their names when they’ve been killed. There isn’t a limit to how high the titan can jump. They also calculate your speed, and will kill you no matter how fast you go, unless you change direction midair or they hit something (a titan, a tree, a building) that spoils their aim. It will only jump if you are higher than their eyes. Their mouth hit-boxes size are identical to crawlers.

Expeditions Beyond the Walls

Founder: Erwin Smith#6637

This is a relatively new guild, having founded March 2017, but contains 300+ players with around 50-70 of them active as of October 2019 on a monthly basis. This is a community open for anyone with any skills, experience, and background ranging from brand new players to players who have been around for years. Here, we embark on expeditions on a custom-made map that follows the 57th Expedition Outside the Wall lasting around an hour to complete. Additionally, we have introduced the Season 2 map leading from the beginning of the anime, the attack of Utgard Castle and the reveal of the Colossal and Armoured Titan. All of this is taken place with a fully-built formation that includes Right and Left Wings, a Rear and Vanguard, Center, and wagons. Besides these expeditions, there are also a lot of other expedition maps created by the community. These days, we also focus heavily upon unity maps which result into expeditions that can last two to three hours!

We also have our very own private mod that includes 4 new flares, wagons that hold refill stations as well as game-changing settings that include selecting a render distance, camera distance and an ability to kick abusive players. Not to forget the possibility to have Unity maps within AoTTG! This mod is called the Expedition Mod, and it’s developed by Tic#7985 . This mod is also available at our partnered Expedition servers and to anyone else that wishes to join expeditions.

Currently, a brand new expedition map is on its way. It’s the 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls map, fully re-made within AoTTG itself. The map is gigantic and contains a lot of exploration! Our server is a friendly and active community. Meet new people, reunite with old ones and join the fight for humanity! Will you be there to serve humanity once we advance? Do you wish to get the most out of AoTTG together with others that have passion about Attack on Titan and its expeditions?

Apply at our Discord recruitment server, and perhaps we shall meet each other beyond the walls.

​Death From Above/Overhead Strike[]

The technique, much like the Equator Cut, is used for getting quick and easy kills when on the ground. In comparison to the equator cut, this technique might be less useful, because it doesn’t provide an instant escape route, and you will almost never keep your momentum after attacking. The technique is what you would call a vertical equator cut and because of that, you will be bumping into the titan instead of flying away from it.

Although it is considered incredibly hard to perform this, by combining the gas burst or a wire to counter your direction, together with a well placed strike, you will be able to maintain some speed.

Famous Speed Players


Consti as some people call him was the main force behind 10 minute runs becoming as popular as they did, he was one of the first players to really utilize Air equators to play with a near flawless and optimized style that focused on keeping a constant flow and momentum, one of the most influential if not most influential speed player of all time.

Supra Mayro

Supra is among the best speed players, and currently holds one of the highest 10 Minute Run records. Unfortunately, he is not very good at Splatoon.


Although it has been a very long time since he last made an appearance, Endo is an exceptional speed player with a uniquely smooth style.

Captain Levi

Started on November 23rd 2013 now retired from AoTTG. Uses an azure color in their username and is known as the fastest Captain Levi on the game, a very fast speed player and the best survival player with a record of 3017 titans before off’ing themselves. Still occasionally plays on public Forest servers. Does not duel or do speed runs. Won 2nd place in ASO 2015 1v1 Speed Duels

Rai Ryuu

Easily one of the fastest players, Rai Ryuu had the fastest 10 Minute Run in the game, before being beaten by Karev and Ph3x. He also possessed the record back with the old titans.


Well known for his unique, disorderly playstyle, allowing him to keep fluidity and speed during his runs while keeping zero form to his movements. He was a speed oriented all-around player. Often considered the Antithesis to Leach. He was also known for being a bit arrogant.


A speed player known for her fundamental based playstyle, she’s the most «by the book» player you’ll ever see. Also known for her fancy art within the community. 


Well known for his unique, effective playstyle, his movements resemble that of a grid system; often considered the antithesis of Tornado Levi. He was a speed oriented all-around player capable of getting long strings of consistent high damage (1,000+) during his runs all the while keeping fluidity, thanks to his playstyle. Also known for being extremely quiet. And also known for being a brony.


Known through out the community for being a speed kill player. He can get damage but he always says he’s a speed player. Starting playing the game in 2016 and is still playing as you can find him in US and Asia servers. In the valiant corps guild. Has a tedency to say the word gay.


One of the best sprinters in the world, very skilled with a good advantage in his techniques, a great opponent for the duels. He’s looking for the best spot in Speed Run.


He’s currently the best AoTTG player of the world. holder of 317k damage run and a 175 kills speedrun, Shissui is known by beating many legendary player’s records, he’s also very talented at racing, blade PvP and others…

Nibba from Russia known as the best AHSS player. Holder of the 153 kills AHSS Speed 10 Minutes Run and 138K AHSS Damage 10 Minutes Run. Also known as guy that banned Jony from the tournament because of 2 guild tags.

Vector Strike[]

This technique is used for when you coincidentally pass right below a titan. But you could always do it on purpose if you want.


1) Gas below the chest of the titan. Can either be left or right of course.

2) When successfully passing the titan, hook on to nape then reel in.

3) Let go of hooks to maintain momentum.


When executed perfectly at high speed, this technique can certainly give you 1000+.

Vector Strike:

The vector strike is one of the more commonly used techniques, and if used correctly is easily able to hit well over 1000+ and even 2000+. The vector strike is one of the oldest techniques in the game, and many newer players have been giving this move a new name. The vector strike is a combination of the so called critical reeling and timing. Vector along with equator are techniques (if performed right), that will keep the players momentum/speed and therefore increase the survivability of the player. A common mistake often made by newer players is to keep hooked onto the titan, and therefore lose the momentum/speed.


1) Be in air and approach a titan.

2) When within range of the titan (140-80 feet) (remember if in high speed your wire has more than 119 feet in range), hook onto the titan.

3) When hooked onto the titan don’t let go of gas since it stops you/slows you down.

4) Remember to press the A or D key depending on which way you go around the titan (push the key that leads out of the the circle, not towards the center). This is crucial to keep your movement and your speed steady.

5) When you pass around the shoulder, be ready to reel in with full force, as you get more acquainted with vectors you will be able to judge how much force you will need to roll your mouse wheel.

6) Now you should approach the titan with full speed and right toward the nape in a linear movement, and just before you are at the nape, unhook, fly by the nape, and hit the titan.

Target: Female Titan Annie (Sword) Edit[]

This uses Levi’s skill, but is also possible with Petra’s.

Known Damage: 1000+ (Knee)

800+ (Nape)

Difficulty: 5/10


1. Build up as much speed as possible when hitting the ankle, but maintain height and distance from the target and the ground (player should not be above Annie’s hip, and should be 100 meters away from the FT). The best idea would be to spin around her but not to get to her farthest range.

2. When the exact time comes, perfectly hit the ankle with Levi’s skill. (This is time-pressured , since Annie does not hesitate attacking the player/s slowly.)

3. A.) Once she is down, immediately go to her back, near the ankles but not too close. Hook on her behind, until you reach around 30 meters above her, then use your gas to reach her nape, but when doing this, the spin should align with the angle of the nape, for it to be extremely effective.

3. B.) If she got up before you could attack, or if you know already that you haven’t got more time to attack, just wait near her ankle, then use Levi’s skill after 1 second from the FT’s recovery.

Repeat all the steps.

Информация об аниме сериале

Описание сюжета аниме сериала «Атака титанов»

Последние 100 лет люди живут в страхе и однажды случилось то, чего многие боялись. Вместо прогресса, часть человечества оказалась отброшена назад, что породило новую ветвь в эволюции, которых стали называть титанами. Они не обладали большим интеллектом, но вырастали до гигантских размеров и сила, с которой они рождались, была невероятно огромной и с лихвой компенсировала недостаток ума. Эти существа пожирали людей ради забавы, а самое высокотехнологичное оружие XIX века, которым пытались с ними бороться, оказалось абсолютно бессильно. Те, кому удалось выжить, перепробовали множество методов борьбы, и вскоре, решили возвести высокие и крепкие стены, назвав их Марией, Розой и Сина, через которые не в силах было пройти даже морскому урагану.

С того времени прошел целый век. Люди мирно жили под защитой возведенного строения, пока не догадываясь, что их спокойствию вскоре настанет конец. Супертитан, ростом выше стены, набрел на неё и сумел разрушить. Свидетелями этого момента стал мальчик Эрен и его приемная сестра Микаса. Дети с ужасом наблюдали за тем, как монстры хлынули потоком сквозь образовавшуюся расщелину и принялись крушить все вокруг. Их мать погибла, а отец бесследно пропал. А, Эрен, видевший жестокость, с какой титаны пожирали его близких и родственников, поклялся, что отомстит. Захватывающая интрига заставит зрителей смотреть онлайн «Атака титанов» затаив дыхание на протяжении всего аниме сериала.

Основные персонажи аниме

Главный герой Эрен Йегер — импульсивный и весьма заносчивый парнишка. Он является сыном Гриши Йегера — ученого, нашедшего в свое время лекарство для борьбы с серьезной инфекционной болезнью. Именно благодаря ему, парень рос осмысленно глядя на мир и сумел стать настоящим героем. Когда-то, профессор стал приемным отцом для очаровательной девочки Микасы Аккерман. Юная особа привыкла скрывать от посторонних свои чувства, но когда дело касалось её брата, все менялось, и она превращалась из апатичной особы в страждущую мать. С детства их лучшим другом стал Армин Арлерт, не будучи сильным физически, он навёрстывает это своим интеллектом. После того, как Эрен по собственному желанию вступил в ряды разведывательного отряда, он познакомился с командиром Эрвином Смитом, который сыграл в его жизни решающую роль

Именно благодаря этому отважному мужчине, способному ставить цели своего народа превыше остальных, они получили шанс победить битву с титанами. Начните знакомство с аниме, которое вы можете посмотреть с первой серии и следить за историей героев

Frost Corps

Founder: Crystal

The Frost Corps is a small guild with 5 or so members mainly focused on training to get high amounts of damage. (1k and up) We usually start 1k servers to practice, otherwise, we are probably doing dumb stuff like titan racing, anti-gas, etc. We are also talking about other things like anime, gaming, and stuff. Contact for recruiting or if you’re just bored… (Logo WIP)

«These soldiers think their training will keep them alive. They break down doors and come through windows, weapons drawn. But it’s too late. They forgot the first rule of survival. A real hunter always watches where he steps.»— Kapkan

Jäger Drive Edit[]

This uses Mikasa’s skill.

Known Damage: 3000+

Difficulty: 9/10


1. Reach a proper height from your target titan (more height equals more damage and more time to correct any small spaces of from the target).

2.When your desired height is achieved, use Mikasa’s skill and you’ll fall to the ground with great speed.

3. While falling, align your blades to the titan’s nape. The greater the damage is when only a small part of the blade hits the neck (proven and tested in version 01042015).

NOTE: Because of the new updates, doing this would be impossible, since the titans will stare the player and follow him/her. When doing this, make sure the target is not distracted by you, or else you will only hit its eyes.

This is also ideal when battling the Colossal Titan, because the target area is large and Mikasa’s skill is easiest to use whenever outside the Trost District.

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