SimCity 5, 2013, 2000 , 3000 

How much we spent Maxis nerve and strength to the long-awaited SimCity 5 finally saw the light. Due to problems with servers and failures in the game developers gave players free gifts as an apology. Studio again pleased all its fans and has identified a real gaze benchmark in the genre of urban planning, with well-designed gameplay, gorgeous graphics, and surprisingly thoughtful open-world. The developers were not afraid to bring a new game series to a new level and to focus on the online component. And they were right. 

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Extensive advertising campaign aimed at fanning interest among gamers all over the world to the new creation Maxis was carried out before leaving the game SimCity-5. But the bitter experience of the players are not very good, and believe in the success of the next creation studio and reacted to the news with skepticism. Time has proved otherwise, the game was a worthy representative of the genre.

One of the main innovations of the game is a system of urban statistics. The game is constantly synchronized and sends your information to the Internet, so that later you can compare the results of their work with others. It was an undoubted advantage of the game, it appeared a competitive element. Now the player will be on the excitement and the desire to get ahead of your friends. You can even give the names of their virtual residents, and then trace the whole course of their lives, from birth and ending with death.


 The player can feel like a skilled entrepreneur, the creators of the game have introduced a very important element - resources. Now you can trade on the oil market, logging, and various minerals. By revenue, you can build a new suburb or a small area, it all depends on your imagination.

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 The biggest problem the game - traffic jams. Well, just like in life. A resident of your city can die a horrible death, and not waiting for the doctors, and the school or university can burn down until the fire truck will be standing in a traffic jam.

 At the time of release of the game SimCity 4, players noticed a huge number of bugs and crashes that developers have promised to fix the fair. And they keep their word. Patches that produces studio do their job perfectly well.

  In anticipation of the game the players a lot of arguing. Someone was sure to fail indispensable, while others vehemently argued that Maxis all prove that there is life in the old dog yet. Now, when the game SimCity 2013 finally appeared in all its splendor, all agreed on the fact that it is an undoubted success.